Currently playing Dragon Quest 2 in the english rom translation on Zsnes. DragonQuest1and2Import SNES
Seems like this game has the same story as the Dark version which I just completed. I'll wait for a while. DemiKidsLightVersion GBA
This game was fun, had decent graphics, a great soundtrack, and an interesting story. ChronoTrigger PSX
Game Completed. This was a fun game. BreathOfFire3 PSX
I just finished this game today. Kinda fun, but nothing special. DemiKidsDarkVersion GBA
Just started playing this, and it's pretty fun so far. DemiKidsDarkVersion GBA
Currently collecting dust... FinalFantasy7 PC
I'm playing this again after many many years. ChronoTrigger PSX
Look for me in the "Anything Goes" server! My name is Logan there. WormsWorldParty PC
This game kinda sucks, but I've beaten it twice now. ChronoCross PSX
Marijuana! ~Shame~Horror~Despair~
British Columbia Canada is Paradise
will one day reach level 99...
is rolling a joint and relaxing @ neoseeker
is leveling in Breath Of Fire 2
is currently power leveling in Breath Of Fire 1

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