Anime and Video Game lover. I absolutely love sitting in Resource with my DS and talking to people across the school :P
It's truly a lot of fun.
Or cuddling up in my bed with a good anime DVD on (with a cup of hot chocolate! :3). Or maybe sitting on the bus listening to some anime soundtracks...
Anyway, if you are reading this, why not sign my guestbook? ^_^


Star Ocean III: Till The End of Time
Final Fantasy X-2
Evolution Worlds
The Legend of Zelda (All of them)
Animal Crossing (both of them)
Super Smash Brothers.
Man the list can go on and on...


"I hide behind a Mask of Lies,
and see the world with a different eye." -'Mask of Lies' from The Little Black Book of Broken Hearts
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Review: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time -

May 30, 2004

This game is just plain awesome and if you haven't bought it yet, then GO BUY IT. D:< And if this is your first time getting a Zelda game, this would be a good one to pick up. And if you finished this one but still feel like you need a...

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