I'm looking for the following items and mega stones: 1x Metal Coat 1x Razor Fang 1x Pinsir Mega Stone 1x Chariz

Hey I'm looking for a Glameow to fill my pokédex and an Unown with the letter A (yes I'm picky :P ) If anyone

Hey all, I've been trying to breed a good Larvesta and I now have tons of random 4 IV Larvesta's just wasting away in

While levelling in kessex hills I noticed that the fishing village that you always had to defend from the krait has suddenly

Because the WvW seasons are starting soon ArenaNet is having a sale on server transfers. When the WvW season starts all your

Just one more week untill the Halloween event starts again, I think for those that played back then the Halloween was probabl

Today I tried out the new dungeon path that came with the current living story patch. The 'up up' path from Twilight

Hey, I thought the forum could look a bit better with a nice background. I thought of using some concept art from the officia

The latest patch updated Tequatl the Sunless in Sparkly Fen, it's supposed to be like a 100man raid boss now with a chanc

I just decided to hop over to the GW forum and I found an interesting post from one of the lead game designers about an upcom

Last tuesday the patch added a cool new magic find system, basically all old magic find gear is now able to change its stats

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