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Mar 08, 15 9:56pm

After the events of “Into the Abyss unfolded, Kataya’s Police Force took Aquanetta into custody. Even though Inanna pled to take her into personal care, the police needed her story, and statement of events before any decision could be made.
“This is a formal statement of background and events. At this time, you are under the full protective custody of the Katayan Police Force. You will answer all questions wholly and honestly. You will not speak out of turn. You will not leave without permission. If you become disruptive or aggressive, you will be restrained. Do you understand?”
“There are several officers witnessing these proceedings, to ensure your physical and mental safety, as well as your individual rights. They will be in constant communication with me, and will intervene at any sign of danger, or breach of individual rights. They are the only ones allowed to make this judgment. Do you understand?”
“Yes.” Her voice sounding slightly smaller.
“Then we’ll begin. What is your full, legal name?”
“Aquanetta LesVersies.”
“When were you born?”
“The dark of the seventh moon, of the eighty-seventh boar.”
There was a pause while the investigator listened through her earpiece before continuing, “Where were you born?”
“Herat Village, within Moran Forest.”
“How long did you live there?”
“Eleven years.”
“Why did you leave?”
“I couldn’t stop my sister from leaving, and didn’t trust her to go alone with him.”
“Who is your sister?”
“Magenta LesVersies.”
“Was that the young woman we found you with today?”
“Yes…” She clasped her hands together in her lap.
Again, the investigator paused a moment before continuing. “Why did she want to leave home?”
“I don’t know the exact reason; I’m not sure she was honest with me at that point anymore.”
“What did she tell you?”
“She said that she was being held back at home, that we were all suffocating her.”
“Who did she leave with?”
“Does he have a last name?”
“Not that I’ve ever known.”
“Did you leave with him as well?”
“Was it just the three of you?”
“Where did you go after leaving the forest?”
“Ferven took us to a large castle in the far north. I don’t know what it was called.”
“That’s quite alright. How long did you live at the castle?”
“Until I was brought here today.”
“What did you do while you were living at the castle?”
“I don’t remember most of it. I think he was training us.”
“Training you?”
“Yes. We have… special abilities.”
“Please elaborate.”
“I don’t know how it works, not entirely. It’s like we can do what some Pokémon can do.”
“What can you do?”
“I can shape water, to some extent.”
“What could Magenta do?”
Aquanetta sat still in her chair for a second, then answered slowly, as if choosing every word extremely deliberately, “Her’s was more like Psychic Pokemon, working inside the mind.”
“And Ferven?”
“So much more.” Her eyes looked vacant for a moment. “He had power over us, my sister and I. Anything he touched, or anyone he met, he could control.” There was a moment of silence. The investigator was either waiting for her to say more, or warned by the other officers not to press the question. “It wasn’t enough to take her away from her home and family; he took me too. He planned it from the start, and he’s tried to take so many others.”
“Ferven’s gone now. Things are going to get better.”
“He’s not gone.” Her eyes wide now, she moved to touch a place in the middle of her chest, “I can still hear him – like before. Nobody can kill him, and he'll never let me go.”

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Apr 05, 14 9:43pm

I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no excuse for some of the shit of human beings. I mean, what kind of scum does it take to knowingly and willfully take from a human being they've never even met? No, that bike can't POSSIBLY be someone's ride home, that bike couldn't possibly be important to anyone. Let me just take this thing I've found and make it mine, DESPITE the harm that I am doing to ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. Dear gods the level of sheer malice or thoughtlessness in this world is unbelievable - who would steal who's been stolen from, lie who's been lied to? Simply looking around, it seems like it's far too many; those who steal BECAUSE they have been stolen from, out of hate and loss, those who lie because it's all been done to them already. It's THAT heartache that you're only spreading around, that loss that you grieved over inflicted on someone else. It isn't okay, hate breeds more hate, stealing a bike to make up for mine being stolen wouldn't heal anything, just rip a hole in someone else's heart.

./rant over, Lizz still pissed at the world
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Mar 19, 14 2:18am

In the beginning, the land of Kataya was ruled by the moon and the sun. Impressed by the cooperation of the light and dark of the moon, the sun decided to bestow upon them the gift of form. The light of the moon took the form of a great white dragon. the dark of the moon however, realized the gravity of their decision, and was indecisive. As a result, their form was shadowed and constantly shifting. The sun, pleased with their continued cooperation, granted the pair one more form, that of human flesh. This final gift came with one burden, the dark and the light of the moon were to govern the land as they had once governed the skies. The dragon was then born into man, and the shadow into woman, and the land prospered under their rule.
Or at least, that was the original plan. When born into their human skin, neither the light or the dark of the moon could remember their duties, responsibilities, or their relationship with one another. The man, seeing himself robed in white with golden hair declared "I must be the spirit of the sun!" In response, the maiden said, "If he is the sun, then I must be the moon." Their assumptions were taken as fact, and the two took human names, and went their separate ways.
The women, Maven, went to the large forest, and was warmly welcomed by its inhabitants. They treasured her gift of magic, and in return, Maven worked tirelessly to defend the forest. She outlived all her friends and companions, and it became evident that she lived outside the natural flow of time.
Instead of seeking out a place to live, the man, Ivanstad, spent his first many years on the island attempting to master his own abilities, and trying to regain his celestial form. After it became evident that he too lived outside the natural flow of time, Ivanstad decided to take his immortality and power to take the lead in governing the entire island. He traveled the land, inviting those whom he saw were gifted to join him. When Ivanstad took the throne as Kataya's first High King, he was accompanied by nine very gifted humans: Petra, Sargon, Leon, Kannry, Meya, Kerrin, Jehron, Merrin, and Emilia.
When Ivanstad and his companions first arrived at Moran Forest, they were confronted for the first time by Maven. She is nearly killed when she tried to prevent the group entering the shelter of the trees. Ivanstad steps in to prevent her murder, recognizing her as a being of great power. Grateful for his help, and drawn to him due to their celestial connection, she invited him and him alone to enter the forest with her. She showed him her home and her village. They spent the night together, and through some bewitchment on Maven's part, she became endowed to have a child. Upon leaving the forest, Ivanstad's memory was, for the most part, cleansed.
Nearly a year later, word reached the King that the lady of the forest had been neglecting her duties, and Rayevern had gotten into her village. Concerned for the safety of Moran, Ivanstad and his court rode out immediately. Upon arrival, he found that the beast had been repelled by Maven's students (the first of Kataya's true "Rangers"), none of whom seemed angry with her for not being there. To Ivanstad's surprise, she had recently bore a child - his child, and was now nowhere to be found. Enraged by her deception, and her irresponsibility, he set out to find Maven and her, their, child.
It was nearly five years later when Ivanstad finally caught up to Maven, as she returned to her village in Moran. Upon sensing his presence, Maven commanded her son, Ferven (who appeared nearly fully grown by human standards) to hide. Ferven obeyed his mother, and was well concealed in the MaidenGrove when Ivanstad finally caught Maven. Furious with her when she concealed her son, and for trying to run from him; seeing her deception as proof of her being a "loose canon", as well as being exceedingly powerful, and dangerous. He captured her, and fastened her hands to the eldest tree in the MaidenGrove by driving a steak through each of her palms. By now she was more than afraid, pleading for her life and for her village. Turning a deaf ear to her cries, he proceeded to set her body on fire.
Ivanstad and his troupe left the MaidenGrove to search for the child. Ferven, having watched the entire scene unfold, was now consumed with the desire to see the White King die , though he knew he was not powerful enough to do the deed himself. He began to plot that night, choosing one member of Ivanstad's court to plant the seeds of the King's death.
Ivanstad, realizing the mortality of his situation after slaying the other half of the moon, bedded Petra, where she bore his daughter, Ivett. They grew together for nearly fifteen years before Ferven's plan came to fruition.
The Clans had begun to rise up against a King who didn't age, and had power beyond that of the natural world .They were uneasy, and Sargon to his opportunity, killing Ivanstad and half the court, selling what had become known as the "Dragon's Gift" as a demonic power, while the spiritual gifts were those of the light, and were still beneficial. He ultimately instilled peace among the clans, and took the throne for himself and his sons to be.
When things started going bad, Petra took Ivett and fled to Bethel, Ivett's birthplace, and one of the most difficult geographical places to get to. Ivett, realizing that something had gone terribly wrong, was then completely taken over by grief. Her power overflowing, she began to build Bethel Castle, pulling the earth and ice from the mountainside. She was completely entranced for nearly five full months, and nearly disengaged the world all together. Only when she felt the deaths of two others from the court was she pulled back to reality. Over the course of those many months, Ivett "grew" what seemed to be several years older, now the age of a young adult. She and Petra moved into the newly crafted Bethel Castle, and Petra taught Ivett how to use "magic", as well as how to wield a sword. For three years, Ivett devoted herself to learing how to fight, and at the end of the third year, summoned Shaihoun (a mount - a physical incarnation of energy), and rode out to confront Sargon. Sargon, though less powerful than Ivett, was more skilled and nearly killed the girl. She escaped, swearing to end his tainted blood, while she herself nearly bled out.
On her way back to Bethel, she met with the guardian of Ice, Ningue, who was able to help her fill in the gaps as to who she was and what power she could wield. Ivett trained with Petra for many more years until Petra's age and mortality caught up with her. Ivett was tormented by her passing, and it was then that Ferven made himself known to her, now that Petra (who had seen Maven and would have certainly recognized him) was dead. He was intrigued by Ivett, and the power she possessed, and though he could have killed her then and there, he waited. He convinced her the she was not alone, and that she had the power to build an army. She brushed him off for the time being, and continued to prepare herself for her next confrontation with Sargon. Many years had passed when she deemed herself ready, and Sargon the First had died, and Sargon the Second had taken the throne. He did not possess the Gift of the Dragon, but was skilled with the sword and was backed by many guards and sellswords. Ivett was overpowered, wounded, and imprisoned. Sargon the Second wanted such a powerful woman to serve him, and didn't want to waste such a gift. She was held in that prison for nearly twenty months before she was able to fully heal from her injuries. She found an ally in Sargon's Castle, and with his help was able to return to Bethel, but didn't have another chance at Sargon himself. He possessed the Gift of the Dragon, but had repressed it to keep himself alive. Ivett taught him what she could, and Bethel gained a third inhabitant. While Ferven left on a journey to survey the condition of the island and those who were gifted, Ivett and her new companion took to each other, and before Ferven returned, Ivett's daughter, Inanna was born. Ivett set aside her own bedroom for the girl, and laid down ever protection she knew. When Ferven returned, he knew nothing of the new baby.
Ferven also returned with grave news. Those with the Dragon's Gift were being rounded up and slaughtered under the order of Sargon the Third. Ivett knew she stoof little chance about the King's Forces, but she could still save those being slaughtered just as she has saved her lover. Starting close to Bethel, she began calling to those with the gift to flee to the north. They head her call, and when the came to her castle, she welcomed them with open arms. She taught them all she knew, and was able to learn from them as well.
When her call reached as far south as the Central Kingdom, Sargon realized what she must be planning. He led a small faction of his army to the north to obliterate her and her army. However, Ivett had massed a much larger number than he was expecting, and she was able to decimate his army and kill Sargon. During the fighting, Ivett's lover was killed, and she knew that Ferven had a hand in it. She was right, as he was trying to destabilize her, so as to make his job easier, and from then on, she kept him at arm's length, never trusting him.
Sargon the Third had been old, and had left behind a son, though then too young to take the throne. The Far North was the last thing on anyone's mind, as it was the first time in three generations that the power of Kataya could be moved out of the Central Kingdom - The Clanwars had begun.

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Mar 19, 14 1:27am

Because I need to get this out of my notebook before it gets lost :P

50-60 Years after the end of tGM, 25-30 years after WQD

Chapter 1 - Our New Kataya
Introduce the Region as it is after the purging fire, reduced to ash and rubble. Show the beginning effort of trying to rebuild. Jay (protagonist)'s friends Milla and Keli are also introduced. Chapter ends with the group returning to the underground.

Chapter 2 - What We Have Lost
Show the effects of ash-poisoning mostly on the older survivors. Hear the story of one of the survivors about what Kataya was like, and what Sargon the Ninth did to the world.

Chapter 3 - Foolish Wishes
The children are talking together, and it seems nothing would please Jay more than to kill the traitor-king. They fantasize about traveling to the Central Kingdom to carry out such a plan.

Chapter 4 - An Unexpected Visitor
While the children are working outside, they see something fly through the sky, and then all of a sudden the sky was clear. Amazed, they waved down the strange visitor. He was one of the Sinnoh Settlers out exploring the island. They invited him down to meet their families. They asked for his help to heal their land, and he agreed.

Chapter 5 - Oceanside Village
The man returned with what looked like a small army. They were able to carry all of the residents out of the mountains to the colonial town that was being built. The majority of the town is made up of adults (mostly men - explorers). The mountain-folk are welcomed to the Sinnoh village. Jay sees this village and its prosperity as a way to attack Sargon.

Chapter 6 - Hate Filled Plea
unable to sit around anymore, Jay appealed to the village to make an expedition to the Central Kingdom. The plan was rejected due to unknown conditions further inland. Frustrated, Jay stole one of the Sinnoh Birds and made for Rubika alone.

Chapter 7 -
It was a long flight to the Central Kingdom. Jay ended up stopping part of the way at an abandoned, though seemingly well kept Ranger Tower (the site of WQD). Within a few hours, she was joined by her childhood friends, and some others from the village. They set up camp together and began to plan their strategy for storming the capitol.

Chapter 8 -
The group travels together to the Central Kingdom, which being more constructed from stone than wood, was nearly intact. Sticking together, they began to search the city for any trace of the King and his Court. They found many remains of burned people and Pokemon, but no sign of the King.

Chapter 9 -
One member of the group finds one of the watchtowers from the days of the Clanwars. They descend underground, amazed to find the air in the tunnels pure and clean. Little dust or ash had accumulated in the tunnels, and though there were signs of old campsites, there were no signs of life. The group is about to turn around when they hear someone.

Chapter 10 -
The sound them heard was from behind a secret door. They attempt to persuade the door open, and when their sdmittance is refused, Jay openly spews abuse at the door, physically trying to break it down. When the door is finally laid away, those behind the door were cowering in fear of their previously unknown attackers. The lot of them are slaughtered. "Goodbye"

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Jun 02, 10 12:35am

Welcome to the Archive of Rounds for the Pokemon Black Spriting Competition. This is a great change to not only see the history of the contest, but also take a look at some of the finer sprites that have been made through the years. Sit back, relax, grab the popcorn, and browse through these archives!

-Platinum Forum Spriting Competition-
(Yes, this contest started in the Platinum forum.)

Round 1

Theme: Open
Judge: Team Poke Pimps
Winner: Weavilax (A*)
Second: Boo123, King Chaz, Fourthbeat, armless_man (A+)
Third: Shinymilotic, WhiteGold, fossilhunter (A)

Round 2

Theme: Fakemon
Judge: WhiteGold
Winner: AyraCalaenlen, aragornbird (A+)
Second: JiZZi, Master of Scyther, armless_man (A)
Third: Corey13, JosiePika (A-)

Round 3

Theme: Fuse a Kanto Pokemon with 2 Hoenn Pokemon, then retype it as a Grass type.
Winner: aragornbird (A*)
Second: Boo123, samkuro (A)
Third: Corey13, WhiteGold (A-)

Round 4

Theme: Fuse Charizard, Feraligatr, and Sceptile, recolour with a dragon type.
Judge: Team Poke Pimps
Winner: JiZZi, Fourthbeat, fossilhunter (A)
Second: aragornbird (A-)
Third: Rascal Lover (B+)

Round 5

Theme: Fuse two pokemon and recolor with a pokemon whoose name does not start with a vowl.
Judge: Fourthbeat
Winner: JiZZi (A)
Second: samkuro (A-)
Third: WhiteGold, Corey13, Apr0xy (B+)

Round 6

Theme: 50-50 fusion.
Judge: WhiteGold
Winner: Artirtico, Fourthbeat (A)
Second: JiZZi, WhiteGold, Gumboy (A-)
Third: Lizz, armless_man, Boo123, King Chaz (B+)

Round 7

Theme: Make a sprite based around a mythical creature. You must use at least 3 Pokemon, and re-color with more than one Pokemon.
Judge: JiZZi
Winner: aragornbird (A+)
Second: Artirtico (A)
Third: White Spirit, WhiteGold (A-)

Round 8

Theme: Disguise a pokemon as another pokemon.
Judge: Fourthbeat
Winner: aragornbird, WhiteGold (A+)
Second: Rascal Lover, samkuro (A)
Third: Neon_Bobcat (A-)

Round 9

Theme: Create a new form for Rotom.
Judge: WhiteGold
Winner: Fourthbeat, armless_man (A)
Second: Boo123, Cobalt Ace (A-)
Third: JiZZi, WhiteGold, wilson7555 (B+)

Round 10

Theme: Create a new Boxart Legendary
Judge: JiZZi
Winner: fossilhunter, WhiteGold, Artirtico (A)
Second: JosiePika, samkuro (B+)
Third: Gallon (B-)

Round 11

Theme: Trainers
Judge: AyraCalaenlen
Winner: Fourthbeat, aragornbird (A+)
Second: WhiteGold, Artirtico (A)
Third: E4 Morty (A-)

Round 12

Theme: Create a virus Pokemon.
Judge: Fourthbeat
Winner: fossilhunter, Fouurthbeat (A-)
Second: Ahmed000 (B+)
Third: Lizz (B)

Round 13

Theme: Retype a any two-type Pokemon to Electric, Rock, or Water.
Judge: AyraCalaenlen
Winner: namtlaks1, aragornbird (A+)
Second: Artirtico, Fourthbeat (A)
Third: SquirrelLord, WhiteGold (A-)

Round 14

Theme: Create a new dog-like Pokemon.
Judge: WhiteGold
Winner: fossilhunter (A)
Second: polardirt (A-)
Third: Legolunatic99 (B+)

Round 15

Theme: Make a sprite that embodies two types; one of these must be ice
Judge: Fourthbeat
Winner: fossilhunter (A)
Second: Corey13 (A-)
Third: Lizz (B+)

Round 16

Theme: Light Type. You must include at least one dark Pokemon.
Judge: AryaCalaenlen
Winner: WhiteGold (A)
Second: fossilhunter (A-)
Third: Corey13 (B+)

Round 17

Theme:Make a dragon Pokemon based to live in one of the following environments: Ocean, Sky, Forest, Underground, Volcano.
Judge: WhiteGold
Winner: Artirtico (A+)
Second: Fourthbeat, fossilhunter (A)
Third: JJoploo, Vollando, Rascal Lover (A-)

Round 18

Theme: Make a sprite to represent any one of the following holidays: Valentine's Day, Christmas, Arbor Day, New Year's, Halloween.
Judge: AyraCalaenlen
Winner: JJoploo (A-)
Second: HiHi (B+)
Third: Tears Of Blood (B)

Tournament Round 1
Theme: All sprites must be a fusion of three normal types, and then re-typed to a specific type.


Winner: Artirtico (A+)


Winner: SquirrelLord (B+)


Winner: Master of Scyther (C)


Winner: armless_man (A-)


Winner: fossilhunter (B+)


Winner: JJoploo (A)


Winner: Hugs 4 Hackers (A-)


Winner: Corey13, WhiteGold (A)

Round 19

Theme: Legendary Evolution
Judge: Fourthbeat
Winner: HiHi (A+)
Second: JJoploo (A)
Third: JiZZi (A-)

Tournament Round 2
Theme: All sprites must be a new animal that has not been used in the Pokemon World, and correspond to a specific type.


Winner: Artirtico (A-)


Winner: armless_man (B-)


Winner: JJoploo (B+)


Winner: Corey13 (A+)

Tournament Round 3

Winner: Artirtico (B+)


Winner: JJoploo (A-)

Round 20

Theme: Disney
Judge: Fourthbeat
Winner: JJoploo, Fourthbeat (A+)
Second: anti_righteous (B+)
Third: nickalret (B)

Round 21

Theme: Open!
Judge: WhiteGold
Winner: JJoploo, Ripulse, Fourthbeat (A)
Second: Aether, hugs 4 hackers, NickAlert, Lizz, King Chaz, Corey13, Simon1987 (A-)
Third: JosiePika, armless_man, MysteryOfBonju (B+)

Tournament Wildcard Judging
Theme: Create a new Eevee form with a new type combination.

Winner: JosiePika (A)

Round 22

Theme: Re-Type and De-Vamp
Judge: AyraCalaenlen
Winner: Artirtico (A)
Second: JJoploo, Simon1987 (A-)
Third: Fourthbeat, ArcadianSky, SquirrelLord (B+)

Round 23

Theme: Space Invaders
Judge: Fourthbeat
Winner: Simon1987 (A-)
Second: NickAlert, joekikas (B+)
Third: Pheonyx, JJoploo (B)

Tournament Finals

-Grass Starters-

Winner: Artirtico (A+)

-Fire Starters-

Winner: JJoploo (A)

-Water Starters-

Winner: Artirtico (B+)

Round 24

Theme: Mascot
Judge: AyraCalaenlen
Winner: Fourthbeat (A+)
Second: JJoploo (A)
Third: JosiePika (A-)

Round 25

Theme: Quotes
Judge: JJoploo
Winner: Squirrel Lord (A-)
Second: Aether (B+)
Third: Ohpion (B(+))

Round 26

Theme: New Type
Judge: JosiePika
Winner: Ophion (A)
Second: Pheonyx, Squirrel Lord, ArcadianSky (A-)
Third: bond007106, NickAlert (B+)

Round 27

Theme: Kirby
Judge: JJoploo
Winner: Bond007106, JosiePika (A)
Second: Insert Username Here, anti_righteous (A-)
Third: Mudkipz Master, Inferno07 (B+)

Round 28

Theme: Summer
Judge: JosiePika
Winner: Ophion (A-)
Second: mudkipz master (B+)
Third: pokepower (B-)

Round 29

Theme: 4 legs to 2 legs.
Judge: JJoploo
Winner: hugs 4 hackers (A)
Second: bond007106 (A-)
Third: Pheonyx (B+)

Round 30

Theme: Starter Prevo/Evo
Judge: JosiePika
Winner: Fourthbeat (A)
Second: mudkipz master (A-)
Third: bond007106 (B+)

Round 31

Theme: Evil
Judge: JosiePika
Winner: armless_man, Ripulse (A)
Second: skitzer309 (A-)
Third: Vollando, mudkipz master, Agent C, TaPOuT (B+)

Round 32

Theme: Fuse Fighting and Psychic, Re-type to ghost.
Judge: JJoploo
Winner: Slepten, Ophion, skitzer309, Lizz, iPepsi (B+)
Second: Pheonyx, MysteryOfBonju (B)
Third: Ickle Togepi (C)

Round 33

Theme: Reptile
Judge: JosiePika
Winner: armless_man (A)
Second: Ophion (A-)
Third: MysteryOfBonju (B+)

Round 34

Theme: Make a fusion with 2 Pokemon, one with a name that starts with O and one whose name starts with N.
Judge: Ophion
Winner: Lizz (A)
Second: mojo2, FourthBeat (A-)
Third: Vollando, Megamaster37, NecromancerWii (B+/A-)

Round 35

Theme: Baise a pokemon off of a season.
Judge: Aether
Winner: Simon1987 (A)
Second: Ophion (A-)
Third: Megamaster37 (B+)

Round 36

Theme: Create a new form of Castform!
Judge: anti_righteous
Winner: Vollando (A)
Second: MysteryOfBonju (A-)
Third: luxor007 (B+)

Round 37

Theme: Felines
Judge: BloodWolf
Winner: AyraCalaenlen (A+)
Second: Lizz, MysteryOfBonju (A)
Third: Exxmaniac, Ophion, Squirrel Lord, joekikas (A-)

Round 38

Theme: Series
Judge: Vollando
Winner: JJoploo (A)
Second: Lizz, Vollando (A-)
Third: SquirrelLord (B+)

Round 39

Theme: Fuse 1 Pokemon from each generation
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Pheonyx, Vollando (A)
Second: SquirrelLord (B+)
Third: Exxmaniac, turtwig1206 (B)

Round 40

Theme: Fuse and re-vamp
Judge: bgg1996
Winner: Exxmaniac, Pheonyx (B+)
Second: Nanners14, Lizz (B)
Third: Vollando (B-)

Round 41

Theme: Arceus Re-type
Judge: SquirrelLord
Winner: Pheonyx (A)
Second: bgg1996 (B-/C+)
Third: Lunarlime (C+)

Round 42

Theme: Fuse one Pokemon from the first generation with one Pokemon from the second generation.
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Exxmaniac (A)
Second: Powerslawe (B+)
Third: Ohpion (B)

Round 43

Theme: Create a Dual-Type, with one type being grass.
Judge: JosiePika
Winner: Lizz, SquirrelLord (A)
Second: nanners14 (B+)
Third: luxor007, MysteryOfBonju (B)

Round 44

Theme: Notched Ear Pichu
Judge: Squirrel Lord
Winner: Squirrel Lord (A-)
Second: Lizz (B+)
Third: Megamaster37 (B-)

Round 45

Theme: Mewthree
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Fourthbeat, luxor007, Vollando (A-)
Second: Lizz (B+)
Third: darkhaunter24 (B)

Round 46

Theme: Sugar
Judge: JosiePika
Winner: Fourthbeat (A-)
Second: loxor007 (B/B+)
Third: Megamaster37 (B-)

Round 47

Theme: Fuse flying with steel and re-type to Dark
Judge: SquirrelLord
Winner: Lizz (A-)
Second: Pheonyx (B+)
Third: Megamaster37 (B)

Round 48

Theme: Revamp a R/B/Y sprite, and re-color.
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Exxmaniac, JosiePika (A)
Second: bond007106 (B+)
Third: Megamaster37 (B)

Round 49

Theme: Cosplay
Judge: JosiePika
Winner: Fourthbeat (A+)
Second: Lizz (A)
Third: anti_righteous (B)

Round 50

Theme: Open
Judge: SquirrelLord
Winner: Vollando, JosiePika (A-)
Second: Powerslawe, Lizz, ShinyMilotic (B+)
Third: luxor007, Shadow Wolf 10, bgg1996, Exxmaniac (B)

Round 51

Theme: Speed
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Lizz (A)
Second: KidKuru (C+)
Third: Starterra (D+)

Round 52

Theme: 50-50 fusion.
Judge: JosiePika
Winner: Vollando, Pheonyx, Lizz, Necromancer Wii (A)
Second: luxor007 (A-)
Third: euben0 (B+/A-)

Round 53

Theme: Fuse opposing types and re-type to normal.
Judge: SquirrelLord
Winner: Lizz (A)
Second: Pheonyx (A-)
Third: Vollando (B+)

Round 54

Theme: Emotions
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Shadow Wolf 10, 321228322 (A)
Second: Pheonyx (B+)
Third: Pgans (C)

Round 55

Theme: Chao
Judge: JosiePika
Winner: Powerslawe (A)
Second: Lizz, 321228322, Ripulse (A-)
Third: Pgans, irock324 (B)

Round 56

Theme: Open
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Lizz, Exxmaniac (A+)
Second: 3213228322 (A)
Third: Powerslawe, Saints Fan, anti_righteous (A-)

Round 57

Theme: De-Vamp
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Pheonyx, Lizz, Fourthbeat (A)
Second: Exxmaniac (A-)
Third: nanners14 (A-/B+)

Round 58

Theme: Fuse three non-water Pokemon and re-type to water.
Judge: foge
Winner: Cucurbita (A+)
Second: Electric Arcnanine (B+)
Third: Glacial (B/B+)

Round 59

Theme: Legendary Evo/ New Legendary.
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Lizz (A+)
Second: Cucurbita (A)
Third: Electric Arcnanine (B)

Round 60

Theme: Sinnoh Crazy
Judge: Lizz
First: Powerslawe (A+)
Second: gothicunicorn, Lizz (A-)
Third: Electric Arcanine (B-)

Round 61

Theme: Old-School Re-Pose
Judge: foge
Winner: Exxmaniac (A)
Second: Lizz (A-)
Third: foge (B-)

-Pokemon Black Spriting Competition (Continuation)-

Round 62

Theme: Fuse 3 - 5 Pokemon to create a new Pokemon.
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Lizz (A+)
Second: anti_righteous, Powerslawe (A)
Third: Exxmaniac (A/A-)

Round 63

Theme: Black and White (dual prompt)
Judge: foge
Winner: hugs 4 hackers, Shadow Wolf 10 (A+)
Second: Fourthbeat, Lizz, Pheonyx (A)
Third: Exxmaniac, foge (A-)

Round 64

Theme: New Gym Leader
Judge: Lizz
Winner: anti_righteous (A+)
Second: Lynxx, DangerDamage, shadow_wolf 10 (A)
Third: FourthBeat, Mousie Munch (A-)

Round 65

Theme: Re-Type
Judge: foge
Winner: Exxmaniac, Lizz, Aether (A+)
Second: Caboose, anti_righteous, SwiftBlade, Vollando (A)
Third: TehRandomBoi (A-)

Round 66

Theme: Toys
Judge: Lizz
Winner: anti_righteous (A)
Second: Caboose (A-)
Third: PokeJeff {B}

Round 66

Theme: Shapes
Judge: foge
Winner: Fourthbeat, 321228322 (A)
Second: platypus2go (A-)
Third: Aether (B)

Round 67

Theme: The Past
Judge: Lizz
Winner: 321228322 (A+)
Second: gothicunicorn (A(+))
Third: DarthPheonyx (A-)

Round 68

Theme: Fifth Generation Fusion
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Caboose, Cucurbita (A+)
Second: Katteyla, Danger Damage, Exxmaniac (A)
Third: The Killer Fish, Josiepika, Critical 10000, Squirrel Lord, anti_righteous, Vollando, Aether (A-)

Round 69

Theme: New Bug Pokemon
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Fourthbeat (A+)
Second: Exxmaniac, Squirrel Lord (A)
Third: Caboose, 321228322, Aether (A-)

Round 70

Theme: New Trainer Type
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Vollando (A+)
Second: Fourthbeat, Golden Darkrai, Lizz (A)
Third: Aether, anti_righteous, BloodWolf (A-)

Round 71

Theme: New Eevee-lution
Judge: gothicunicorn
Winner: Khazz, anti_righteous, Fourthbeat (A)
Second: pikachu101, Critical10000, Lizz, Remorse, Megamaster37 (A-)
Third: Caboose (B+)

Round 72

Theme: Re-Pose
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Vollando, Exxmaniac (A+)
Second: Aether, Fourthbeat (A)
Third: Powerslawe, The Killer Fish, Lizz, nitro, pokemaniac101 (A-)

Round 73

Theme: Pixel-Over
Judge: Squirrel Lord
Winner: Aether, white_knight319 (A)
Second: Shadow Wolf 10 (A-)
Third: JosiePika, gothicunicorn (B+)

Round 74

Theme: New Grass Type
Judge: Gothicunicorn
Winner: Aether, anti_righteous (A(+))
Second: white_knight319, ElectricArcanine, Exxmaniac, Lizz (A)
Third: powerslawe (A-)

Round 75

Theme: New Boxart Legendary
Judge: Vollando
Winner: white_knight319 (A+)
Second: Lizz (A)
Third: Aether, anti_righteous, Vollando (A-)

Round 76

Theme: De-Vamp
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Lizz, Vollando (A)
Second: Exxmaniac (A-)
Third: powerslawe, white_knight319 (B+)

Round 77

Theme: Fuse one bug type with one psychic type, and re-type to water
Judge: gothicunicorn
Winner: Lizz, Exxmaniac (A)
Second: mojo2, gothicunicorn (B)
Third: TheFury, powerslawe (B-)

Round 78

Theme: Re-Color
Judge: Vollando
Winner: Exxmaniac (A+)
Second: Remorse, Lizz (A)
Third: Zoroark, Insert joke here

Round 79

Theme: Fuse one Regi with one form of Giratina
Judge: Lizz
Winner: The Killer Fish (A)
Second: Remorse, Insert Joke Here (A-)
Third: Aether (B+)

[b]Round 80

Theme: Light
Judge: gothicunicorn
Winner: Electric Arcanine (A(+))
Second: Fourthbeat, Exxmaniac (A)
Third: GoldenDarkrai (A-)

Round 81

Theme: Heavy <-> Light
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Fourthbeat (A+)
Second: gothicunicorn, Exxmaniac (A)
Third: Critical0 (A-)

Round 82

Theme: Flying
Judge: Lizz
Winner: anti_righteous (A+)
Second: Golden Darkrai (A(+))
Third: Electric Arcanine, Lizz, Exxmaniac, Fourthbeat, Shadow Wolf 10 (A)

Round 83

Theme: Lyrics
Judge: gothicunicorn
Winner: Fourthbeat, anti_righteous, Aether, gothicunicorn (A-)
Second: GoldenDarkrai (A-/B+)
Third: platypus2go (B+)

Round 84

Theme: Christmas
Judge: Lizz
Winner: Exxmaniac (A)
Second: Zoroark (A-)
Third: Josiepika, Pheonyx (B+)

Round 85

Theme: Summer
Judge: gothinunicorn
Winner: ElectricArcanine, bgg1996, brodeo562 (A-)
Second: Aether, Insert Joke Here, MegaMaster37 (B+)
Third: Remorse (B)

Round 86

Theme: Dental Hygene
Judge: gothicunicorn
First: gothicunicorn (B)
Second: Albatross, MegaMaster37 (B-)
Third: zeezow (B- / C+)

Round 87

Theme: Bug ReVamp
Judge: Lizz
First: Pheonyx, Exxmaniac, Remorse (A)
Second: Lizz, gothicunicorn, Mewtwo45, zeezow (A-)
Third: Albatross (B+)

Round 88

Theme: Stranger Persona
Judge: Dante
First: Dante, Albatross (B+)
Second: shmexieXdeoxys (B)
Third: ElectricArcanine, zeezow (B-)

Round 89

Theme: Hobby
Judge: Lizz
First: brodeo562 (B+)
Second: flyingfish27 (B)
Third: zeezow (C+)

Round 90

Theme: ReType
Judge: Lizz
First: Pheonyx (A+)
Second: Exxmaniac (A)
Third: Kanon, surfer1020 (A-)

Round 91

Theme: Fifth-Gen DeVamp
Judge: Lizz
First: Exxmaniac (A+)
Second: Lin Keui Swampert, Fourthbeat, platypus2go (A)
Third: Albatross, Sheimi, brodeo562 (A-)

Round 92

Theme: First Gen. ReVamp
Judge: Lizz
First: ElectricArcanine (A-)
Second: flyingfish27 (B)
Third: Altaria (C+)

Round 93

Theme: Unova Tri-Fuse
Judge: Lizz
First: Exxmaniac (A)
Second: Aether, Pheonyx (A-)
Third: Megamaster37, zeezow (B-)

Round 94

Theme: Trio-ReType
Judge: Lizz
First: ElectricArcanine (A)
Second: neffoneR, Albatross (A-)
Third: Kanon (B+)

Round 95

Theme: Fakemon
Judge: Lizz
First: Fourthbeat (A+)
Second: Exxmaniac, Shadow Wolf_10 (A)
Third: neffoneR, anti_righteous, Anonymoose

Round 96

Theme: Trainers
Judge: Lizz
First: Fourthbeat (A+)
Second: Lizz, anti_righteous, white_knight319, Remorse (A)
Third: Aether, brodeo562, Parasect047 (A-)

Round 97

Theme: 50-50 Fusion
Judge: ElectricArcanine
First: Exxmaniac (A+)
Second: Aether, Parasect047 (A-)
Third: Albatross,ElectricArcanine (B+)

Round 98

Theme: Electric (without Electric's) Fusion
Judge: gothicunicorn
First: Fourthbeat, Lizz, Exxmaniac (A)
Second: turtwig1206, brodeo562 (A-)
Third: Parasect047 (B+)

Round 99

Theme: Video Games
Judge: Lizz
First: Fourthbeat (A+)
Second: brodeo, anti_righteous (A)
Third: Pheonyx (A-)

Round 100

Theme: History of Black
Judge: Fourthbeat
First: Paraset047, Vollando, Lizz (A+)
Second: Exxmaniac, Brodeo, FourthBeat (A)
Third: Shadow Wolf 10, Anti_Righteous (A-)

Round 101

Theme: Fuse Three Normal, ReType
Judge: ElectricArcanine
First: Fourthbeat, (A+)
Second: NeffoneR (A-)
Third: Megamaster37 (B+)

Round 102

Theme: New Dragon
Judge: ElectricArcanine
First: Shadow Wolf 10, Aether (A*)
Second: Lizz (A+)
Third: shmexieXdeoxys, Albatross, ElectricArcanine (A-)

Round 103

Theme: Pixel-Over
Judge: gothicunicorn
First: Futomara, Lizz, neffoneR, Shadow Wolf 10 (A-)
Second: Cjames21 (B+)
Third: Shmexie_x_Deoxys (B)

Round 104

Theme: Overworld
Judge: ElectricArcanine:[/b]
First: Birilli, Shadow Wolf10 (A+)
Second: Lizz, Zihark (A)
Third: Brodeo, Exxmaniac, Parasect047 (A-)

Round 105

Theme: Hero
Judge: Lizz
First: Lizz (A(+))
Second: Shmexie_x_Deoxys, CJames21 (A)
Third: Birilli, Parasect047 (A-)

Round 106

Theme: New Water Type
Judge: Pheonyx
First: neffoneR (A+)
Second: obesebuddha, Brodeo (A)
Third: Shmexie_x_Deoxys (A-)

Round 107

Theme: Sport Pokemon
Judge: Lizz
First: Aether (A)
Second: Brodeo (B-)
Third: ZekromX, Deoxor462 (C-)

Round 108

Theme: Fantasy
Judge: Lizz
First: CJames21 (A)
Secondd: Brodeo, Deoxor462 (A-)
Third: Shmexie_x_Deoxys, obesebuddha, neffoneR (B+)

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