Nov 11, 15 1:06pm
You never laughed in all your life as I shall laugh in Death
Oct 01, 15 10:41pm
When computers die...
Sep 02, 15 1:29am
Why is it so freaking hard to find reference pictures
Aug 19, 15 3:45am
I swear I will finish tGM one of these days
Jul 31, 15 1:22am
Jul 21, 15 3:34pm
My body is REALLY trying to kill me
Jul 19, 15 1:17am
My body is trying to kill me again ;_;
Jun 10, 15 12:56am
I feel the need to re-iterate that I have BAD IDEAS LATE AT NIGHT
May 20, 15 12:08am
Found some old notebooks - time to retype EVERYTHING
Apr 23, 15 8:30pm
There had been blood on my feet for two days now... nobody seems to have noticed
Apr 22, 15 2:45pm
Why the actual hell is it SNOWING IN APRIL
Apr 20, 15 11:00pm
Death, just death everywhere
Apr 16, 15 3:42pm
Debating bad ideas, directly after Japanese class. huehuehuehuehue
Mar 08, 15 11:44pm
I am now a Deviljho. Lizzie the Deviljho. Chomp chomp chomp
Lizz blogged
Mar 08, 15 10:56pm

After the events of “Into the Abyss unfolded, Kataya’s Police Force took Aquanetta into custody. Even though Inanna pled to take her into personal care, the police needed her story, and statement of events before any decision could be made.
“This is a formal statement of background and events. At this time, you are under the full protective custody of the Katayan Police Force. You will answer all questions wholly and honestly. You will not speak out of turn. You will not leave without permission. If you become disruptive or aggressive, you will be restrained. Do you understand?”
“There are several officers witnessing these proceedings, to ensure your physical and mental safety, as well as your individual rights. They will be in constant communication with me, and will intervene at any sign of danger, or breach of individual rights. They are the only ones allowed to make this judgment. Do you understand?”
“Yes.” Her voice sounding slightly smaller.
“Then we’ll begin. What is your full, legal name?”
“Aquanetta LesVersies.”
“When were you born?”
“The dark of the seventh moon, of the eighty-seventh boar.”
There was a pause while the investigator listened through her earpiece before continuing, “Where were you born?”
“Herat Village, within Moran Forest.”
“How long did you live there?”
“Eleven years.”
“Why did you leave?”
“I couldn’t stop my sister from leaving, and didn’t trust her to go alone with him.”
“Who is your sister?”
“Magenta LesVersies.”
“Was that the young woman we found you with today?”
“Yes…” She clasped her hands together in her lap.
Again, the investigator paused a moment before continuing. “Why did she want to leave home?”
“I don’t know the exact reason; I’m not sure she was honest with me at that point anymore.”
“What did she tell you?”
“She said that she was being held back at home, that we were all suffocating her.”
“Who did she leave with?”
“Does he have a last name?”
“Not that I’ve ever known.”
“Did you leave with him as well?”
“Was it just the three of you?”
“Where did you go after leaving the forest?”
“Ferven took us to a large castle in the far north. I don’t know what it was called.”
“That’s quite alright. How long did you live at the castle?”
“Until I was brought here today.”
“What did you do while you were living at the castle?”
“I don’t remember most of it. I think he was training us.”
“Training you?”
“Yes. We have… special abilities.”
“Please elaborate.”
“I don’t know how it works, not entirely. It’s like we can do what some Pokémon can do.”
“What can you do?”
“I can shape water, to some extent.”
“What could Magenta do?”
Aquanetta sat still in her chair for a second, then answered slowly, as if choosing every word extremely deliberately, “Her’s was more like Psychic Pokemon, working inside the mind.”
“And Ferven?”
“So much more.” Her eyes looked vacant for a moment. “He had power over us, my sister and I. Anything he touched, or anyone he met, he could control.” There was a moment of silence. The investigator was either waiting for her to say more, or warned by the other officers not to press the question. “It wasn’t enough to take her away from her home and family; he took me too. He planned it from the start, and he’s tried to take so many others.”
“Ferven’s gone now. Things are going to get better.”
“He’s not gone.” Her eyes wide now, she moved to touch a place in the middle of her chest, “I can still hear him – like before. Nobody can kill him, and he'll never let me go.”

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Mar 07, 15 12:45am
LizzieChan vonStrangleMeSometimes
Mar 02, 15 12:05am
New blast swords are TOO OP
Feb 25, 15 2:29am
So we have to write a mini-story for japanese class. This lack of vocabulary is killing me D:
Feb 21, 15 1:01am
I love finding old PMs from the contests - lots of stories there
Feb 18, 15 3:24pm
That moment when you are being judged by the person on the other side of the support chat....

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