That awkward moment when its easier to write tGM than my Phil paper... and I haven't written tGM since March ... oops
WHOOOO We beat Emerald!

I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no excuse for some of the shit of human beings. I mean, what kind of scum does it take to knowingly and willfully take from a human being they've never even met? No, that bike can't POSSIBLY be someone's ride home, that bike couldn't possibly be important to anyone. Let me just take this thing I've found and make it mine, DESPITE the harm that I am doing to ANOTHER HUMAN BEING. Dear gods the level of sheer malice or thoughtlessness in this world is unbelievable - who would steal who's been stolen from, lie who's been lied to? Simply looking around, it seems like it's far too many; those who steal BECAUSE they have been stolen from, out of hate and loss, those who lie because it's all been done to them already. It's THAT heartache that you're only spreading around, that loss that you grieved over inflicted on someone else. It isn't okay, hate breeds more hate, stealing a bike to make up for mine being stolen wouldn't heal anything, just rip a hole in someone else's heart.

./rant over, Lizz still pissed at the world
So... I'm actually obsessed with Manifest Destiny... but that means better stories for you, so it's okay!

Welcome to my Fanfiction project, _Manifest Destiny_ ] | ] | ] | ] | ] ] _Chapters_ ] ] Characters Cecilia

Happy Anniversary tGM!!!
Manifest Destiny: BCD, keep an eye out ;D
I think I have at least found my mortal enemy, as decreed to my by my Professor.... word limits
No wonder Swampert X cast me as a submissive in his story xD I've got bruises from smacking and bruises from ropes. Aaaah Context <3
tGM: Little fuzzy paragraphs that rot your brain
tGM NaNoWiMo - On hold until I get my head checked
tGM's heading full force into NaNoWiMo! Let the Casualties begin!!
"We'll ride out at dawn when the sun's in the sky so the buzzards can see where their bodies will lie"
It's like people keep forgetting that I have a secret desire to become a fictional axe-murderer :3
So apparently my headache medicine is CHALK FREAKING FULL of caffene... down shaky hand... down
Catching up on all the Neo things in one night..... this night might not end for SEVERAL more hours ;D

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