J917 Liverpool_96
Nov 21, 12 11:27pm
Yeah sorry about that
aniki99 Liverpool_96
Jul 17, 11 9:27am
Grand Turismo is awesome!!! soo next race!! Wow minimum length is 125 characters.... didn't know signing a guestbook is soo difficult.....what is there to write about!!! yeah tomorrow is Top Gear UK and one more week US will come back!!! Top Gear Russia with dubbed version is quite funny
Tomski Liverpool_96
Apr 6, 11 7:56pm
Thought I'd return the favour and sign your guestbook as you were so kind to christen mine

You seem like a top bloke. I hope our push race partnership is the start of something special lol. Don't really know what else to say, so I'll just leave you with this...

Scouse La Liverpool_96
Feb 1, 09 1:47am
Thanks for signing my guestbook.

Liverpool fans always welcome

CHeers for the soms comment and shizzzz


IVexp390 Liverpool_96
Aug 20, 08 2:03am
good luck with GT4 and lets hope that liverpool acomplishes what they have to
oh and thanx for bein the first person to sign my guestbook

S v R 2010 Liverpool_96
Aug 20, 08 1:07am
No offence but Arsenal are much much better than Liverpool

Chelsea Boi Liverpool_96
Aug 19, 08 11:15pm
Just thought I'd sign your guestbook.

You seem like a alright member even though you support liverpool haha.

LegendaryLegend Liverpool_96
Aug 18, 08 7:49pm
Alright buddy lets hope the 'pool kick it up a notch this year is it

Hope to see you around more in the Liverpool thread in the Football Forum. The more Liverpool fans the better



iReaperX Liverpool_96
Jul 22, 08 6:25pm
hi! huge fan of gran turismo 4 and PS2!
i hope that you do well on the game and win Formula GT World (hardest race) and that Liverpool win the Premership this year!

Good Luck!