likes harbin's status update: "It was an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow polka-dot bikini"
changed his avatar to avatar
likes harbin's status update: "Three blokes walk into a pub, and the whole scene unfolds with a sense of tedious inevitability."
take some of this mr harbin
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likes Jeevs' status update: "Ain't nobody f*cking with my clique."
need to sleep, but I'm too scared.
likes harbin's status update: "saint117 is now my friend."
saint117 is my friend
likes IcarusAbides' status update: "Check out #Neoseeker, the best Football Manager forum on the whole internets"
likes PokeMasterStar100's status update: "Tweet tweet Oh look I wasted 2 seconds of your life by reading this."
likes harbin's status update: "spam spam spam"
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