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Delayed until the 10th, thinking of picking this up. The GT folk hopping on this game? read more

likes J917's status update: "How long will it take to update my age to 17?"

You didn't even know there was going to be one going by your post in the announcement thread? read more

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I must say, I prefer their older work. Their best song, for me, is Around the World. read more

Put on your own music then. ^ Love GT so will no doubt buy this version, better that it's on PS3 as well as I... read more

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I probably won't upgrade to the PS4 for a while so having GT6 on the PS3 would be a good idea. Not everyone will be... read more

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You don't have to be a fool to get pranked, I am no fool, no one fools me, I'm too wise. :> read more