Bacon Cause ya know... bacon is awsome.... especially with chese. :D
Dude, where are you? We're doing our end-of-thread cleanup. You need to post on our thread ASAP.
PermenantAnimeTrip *need's to do other thing's aside from watching anime and playing Japanese game's.*
I personally think ESO (Elder Scrolls Online) will bomb and fall from popularity. A series like the TES franchise is not meant to be an MMO.
Need to stop spending all my time venturing the waste's of Skyrim and slaying Wyvern's.

So ive recently been trying to obtain an Eevee with wish so I can get a competitive Vaporeon and Sylveon. I have both a sk

People say I like Mudkip's. Like is an understatment. I LOVE THEM. (lol)

Screw life after High School. It was way better when i was still in it. Oh how i misspent my youth doing what most people with a computer do. (and its not watching XXX content all day you dirty bastards.)
Ugh, first time back to school after that long ass weekend and all i can think about is pokemon Fan Fiction. this is all my fakemon (might be some of Star's here coz I drew them for Aster's team) but the rest are all mine.
Hey LV, since you're new to the group, you haven't seen any of the stuff I've done so here's a link to it. Let me know what you think.

Life suck's, everyone expects you to work hard and make lots of money. I don't care much for money, I don't care much for the status and fame that comes with it either. All i care about is family, my computer and Pokemon... <.
Mega-Aggron for life! lol. That 600+ defense makes you laugh as enemys try to break through it and cry when they fail.

Learning how to work with and assemble computers isn't that difficult. its just that everyone tends to over think how stuff works when youre working with it.
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