Amy Linkrules5
Aug 30, 06 10:51pm
Thank you for adding Naruto into your Favourite Forums. I hope to see you participating there soon for a hopeful General Naruto forum! Here you are:

Declaring my Gaara obsession everywhere XD.
Fluidity Linkrules5
Jun 24, 06 4:35am
Cheers to new Neofriends! Here's my stamp from KH2!

Please sign back!
Thug X Linkrules5
Oct 31, 05 6:11am
watzup zelda is da best game ever lol

sign back anytime!
Foamy_The_Squirrel Linkrules5
Oct 10, 05 5:55am
hey dude. you are pretty cool link rules. thanks for helping me with the wind waker.
hope to see ya around and oh, make sure you dont run into ganondorf again!
SunnyDelight Linkrules5
Jul 29, 05 4:48am
I decided to sign your guestbook so here`s a stamp. See you later.
Lukas Linkrules5
May 20, 05 4:36pm
Hey, umm, I found you in the Loz OoT forum so I just wanted to stamp you.

Y'know what's weird? We both joined the same month and day but not the same year. Anyway, sign back.
DQ Maniac Linkrules5
Apr 16, 05 4:48am
Please sign my guestbook
No problem! Here is your signing, so what do I win?
wigthers 2000 Linkrules5
Mar 26, 05 9:42am
Hello Linkrules5. If you can remember me, I am Wigthers 2000. The guy you have seen in the legend of zelda forums. I also hang out at loungin', the general gamecube forum, the general Maril brothers forum, and the movie/film forum. Here is a special picture for you.

(I am not sure that it will show, but I have tried).

Hope to see you around Neo.
TetraThePirate Linkrules5
Mar 24, 05 8:39am
YOU! Putting that filth into my sacred wait sorry that sounds more like Theory of Chaos (check my guestbook and you'll get it) I'm signing back...and this is SO not a signing spree. I would stamp you, but I have not a clue how to do it and plus I suffer terribly from lazy-itis. I could die from it you know. Well not really. But it really pisses my mom off Actually, I will make a stamp right here right now:



TetraThePirate w00t its a bunny!
Crono Link Linkrules5
Jan 1, 05 3:15am
Hello, thanx for your stamp, I don't know how to write in them, then, I'll write my greetings here, bye and a Happy New Year!
Have fun and candy!
(How romantic image!)
Please PM me when you have free time!

nayru20 Linkrules5
Dec 19, 04 10:29am
I'm just stopping by to wish you happy holidays with my very evil stamp of course ^^

Sosai X Linkrules5
Nov 28, 04 9:42pm
I saw in your sig you wanted peepz to sign your GB. So I'm here. =)

Maybe you can sign back..if you want to.
Well I'll see ya around..!


nayru20 Linkrules5
Oct 24, 04 3:36am
well... it may not be Halloween yet but you still get my Halloween Stamp

plus another scary stamp
Anime Linkrules5
Jul 4, 04 3:09am
hey u like zelda huh u must be cool then hope u like my oni link stamp^_^
Zelda_2002 Linkrules5
Apr 11, 04 6:42pm
Hey it looks like I am the first to sign Well I have seen u around the WW area a lot, and like me u seem to actually know what u r doing when it comes to playing and completing it.

And also u r female as I am guessing by your name because u have made your gender on your personal details private in your profile. Which is good I like female gamers because a lot of guys in my area assume its a 'guy' thing. So I am saluting u *saluts*

rock on