Whitetiger13 Linkmaster56
Jun 25, 05 10:10am
suppity so how are you?..............that's nice glad to hear it. So I just figured since I saw you around and that I clicked that little thingy in your sig that I would sign this thing. Yeah for me. well I signed it.... what you want a stamp too? well gee fine. Here be happy and smile you got french's

so um like enjoy!

Anyways I guess I will see you later so bye and see you later.

Freeze Linkmaster56
Mar 21, 05 9:25pm
uhm... it's

I forgot to add the "/"

*lenght thingy....*
Freeze Linkmaster56
Mar 21, 05 9:24pm

I think that says enough... and be sure to sign mine back, i've got the: sign my gb in my signature too!!!
Only it doesn't work for me XD
ZKB Linkmaster56
Feb 28, 05 9:55am
Hi????Um yeah I like Zelda too, And Metroid, and umm Halo (both of them but the first is way better) and I also like Starwars, and I think thats it! Buh-Bye now!
Quetzalcoatl Linkmaster56
Feb 28, 05 9:01am
Just came by to sign your guestbook and tell you that...Woah! I feel so touched! I'm the first to sign your guestbook (lucky you). Well, your post (even the one in Yu Forbidden memories) help members so, since your a helpful member, you deserve people to sign your guestbook. that is the reason why I signed your.

Have fun,