Artemis LinkinPork
Apr 3, 09 2:02am

Just now realized it's been years since we last talked.

Hope you are doing swell in Canada =]]




That's what signing this reminds me of =]

So yeah, rawr. Enjoy the weather up there =]
SquallyBalambGirl LinkinPork
Dec 25, 08 6:23am

The snow is terrible but at least
you're actually getting a white Christmas .
Hope you have a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year, AznGas!

Merry Christmas
gs_god LinkinPork
Nov 27, 08 2:34am
HAHAHA I've been on neoseeker way tooooo long, I think it's been over 6 years! I need a new hobby lol. Anyways I was just on the site, I actually posted something on the Tales of Symphonia 2 forum, it's been sooo long since I posted something...on any forum lol. Do you still go on neoseeker too? Alright enough of my life story do they still do that stupid 125 character thing?
SquallyBalambGirl LinkinPork
May 2, 08 3:27am
Hello AznGas... i mean... AznLiquid!! Just wanted to sign your GB for being an awesome new neofriend . Im in the mood to spam GB right now, and unfortunately (or fortunately?), yours has become my target victim *muahahhahhaha*

Here's a stamp for you. Hope you'll like it:

*Cough*...Im a.. *cough*... friend...*cough* of the famous. *coughs blood*.. ANDY LAU!! *dies*.
Super Shaolin LinkinPork
Aug 21, 07 3:38pm
I didn't know you like Starcraft also as much as I do. For some reason, I can't play Battle.Net... it could be my firewall... well, we both like that RTS.... here I am, signin' in your GB and whatnot.

You've been signed by...



Too bad I have no stamp 4 U... Still, wanna talk? PM me and sign back soon enough!
Casey LinkinPork
Jul 29, 07 9:23pm
Hey Azn, its been fun gaming with you on Starcraft, even if I get beat.
Besides, I have been meaning to sign you guestbook.
beast009 LinkinPork
Mar 1, 07 1:19pm
Ive seen you arond the starcraft forums alot and you are a cool kid i look forward to seeing you more

beast009 LinkinPork
Feb 27, 07 2:03am
i hate stamping so well i hope to see you more often and plz try to upp he ppd in the starcraft forum it kinda sucks now and i wanna be able to use it more often without spamming
Taillow LinkinPork
Feb 12, 07 2:47am

Taillow LinkinPork
Jan 3, 07 11:58pm
Hey AznLiquid. Here's my stamp:

I should make a Tetris one, shouldn't I?

Y0SHI LinkinPork
Jan 1, 07 10:27pm
First person to sign in '07! =)

gs_god LinkinPork
Oct 24, 06 12:46am
Hey guy, how's it going? As you can see I am back, well sort of. So umm I have nothing to say right now... hmmm how's BC? Anything new with the Native Tax? lol just kidding man, I remember saying that so much before just thought I'd add that in. Well I'm going to keep it relatively short and not go on with my whole life story, but we should definitely keep in touch, hope you get my pm. Peace out my Asian brother, lol technically I am Asian so I can say that, you know what I mean.
Unspoken LinkinPork
Mar 2, 04 3:03am
Hello! Random guestbook signings. Please sign my guestbook back now, y'hear?

|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| Stupid Length Thingy |.::::::.|
|.::::::.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.::::::.|
|.______.| |||||||||||||||||||| |.______.|

timgta2002 LinkinPork
Oct 24, 03 10:27pm
you dont know me but i am signing your guestbook, as you know that is my right as a member of neoseeker, but since it is your guestbook you are allowed to delete the entry whenever you want. now wouldnt that be mean?
Spectral LinkinPork
Jul 21, 03 1:13am
Hey wass up Joe...I mean andy lol just signing your guestbook in return of you signing mines well Linkin Park rules andJennifer does also so umm yeah free porn is nice well cya later bye

sex is weird
Samus2 LinkinPork
Jul 16, 03 6:04pm
Seen you around the R&C2 forum, so I signed your guestbook, you lucky person.

BTW, what the hell does you name mean?

Artemis LinkinPork
Jul 15, 03 11:53pm
First off before i say much just wante dto tell i suck at signing g-books.Oh well.Anyways helo,been nice talkin to you through msn.Ah see how much that stunk??well ttyl.
AznBabyGurl911 LinkinPork
Jul 9, 03 5:55pm
hewo puppy signing ur always....lalalala dunno wat to put so ill put wat ever comes to Late Turtles Day!!! even though ive already said it to u but oh well hopefully this is enough so ill talk to ya on msn l8r

Carlos Delagetta LinkinPork
Jul 6, 03 5:17pm

Cool picture huh? Anyway you have been stamped by Carlos!
timgta2002 LinkinPork
Jun 22, 03 7:11pm
Hi, I am signing your guestbook because I want can and I have nothing else to do. Well see you later.

1. The field "Guestbook Entry" does not meet the minimum length of 125 characters
superuub90 LinkinPork
Jun 9, 03 10:50pm
sign mi guest book you fool!!!!!!!!!!!
aDEFt LinkinPork
Mar 19, 03 4:29am
sup?i have seen you on the MSN Neochat the past two nights well to make this long i will ramble for a litte longer ramble ramble ramble... bobo is a dumbass!
Taiyo Yurei LinkinPork
Mar 18, 03 3:02am
Hey now, I thought you'd have pages of these! Well here's another. Keep on posting (Add-On story mostly;)) and maybe sign my guestbook too. Mine looks kind of pathetic so far.
PN0yplayinURMOMMA LinkinPork
Feb 13, 03 10:48pm
Hey whatsup!

Thanks for signing my guestbook, Ill be happy to see you play with me in a game of broodwar! Neopm me if you need anything, Ill PM you back.

Well, I guess Ill see you! Bye and have a great day!
gs_god LinkinPork
Jan 7, 03 2:53am
Hey man, see you got a new name there. New name but same personality, like your profile too. Well, I'll talk to ya later, peace.

P.S. merde toi, j/k