There's not much to tell. Born in London on March 1st 1986. Moved to Australia for three or so years when I was three years old, then moved back to London. I'm 18 now and in my second and hopefully final year of college, and after that I'm hoping to go for three years to study in the University of Lincoln. At the moment I live in a small Suburban village called Thames Ditton, which is on the border with London and Surrey.

However, soon my living in London will be part-time, as I've now succeeded in getting into UWS (University of Wales Swansea), and I start in less than a month.

I've been in and around neoseeker moderation for quite some time now. I've been on and off as the moderator of Golden Sun, the largest (by far) Nintendo Game Boy Advance forum.

I've moved on from moderating the hugely successful Golden Sun forums, and I've also moved on from moderating the UK Localsied forum. I'm now a section moderator of the entire RPG and Adventure section of neoseeker's Gameboy Advance division, and I'm happy to be there.


I'd like to think of myself as having a bit of an equilibrium of my physical and non-physical hobbies and intrests. I'll start with the sportier aspect of myself first.

First and foremost, for as long as I can remember, I've always been a traditional British lad in that I really love playing football (soccer). I've been told that I could probably go so much further in life if I didn't keep playing football, but I really don't mind. I like who I am, and I'll have a football at my feet for the forseeable future ^_^.

As well as football, for the last few years, I've really got into martial arts, and two years ago, I settled on a style of Kung-Fu that I absolutely love. In the two years I've done it, (about as long as I've been a neoseeker member), I've gone from the unconfident weed I was before to a far more aware, confident and healthy person. I go to Kung-Fu twice a week and I really can't imagine myself not doing it now. On top of that, I intend to go with the group next year for a real eye-opening trip to China, I can't wait! In other sports, I'm having a small dappling in Table Tennis, and considering taking up archery.

Moving along from the physical stuff, and onto my tastes in music. I don't really have a massive contraversial taste in music, quite a general rock/punk taste. My favourite band is and has for many happy times been Feeder and at the moment, my favourite songs are Yesterday Wnet Too Soon (Feeder), Stokholm Syndrome (Muse), and Fortune Faded (Red Hot Chili Peppers).

I enjoy gaming a lot, and from a very young age, have been completely into Nintendo and all its consoles. At the moment, I've got an almost sadly large amount of games for my Gamecube and Game Boy Advance, and I'm not regretting it at all.

Despite my physical side as explained above. With me, there's often a time when I like nothing more than to cook a load of Chinese food, grab a few cans of beer or some random soft drink, and just sit in front of some videos for a few hours. I love watching most half-decent films, the best I've seen this year being Pirates of the Carribean and Terminater 3.

As a friend on neoseeker once told me, reading is a lost art in this generation, and I'm sad to say he might be right. Although I don't like it, I don't read all that much, although when I do find a book that I really like, it becomes my #1 prioroty for the next few days (I'm a slow reader). My favourite auther is Maggie Furey, and I've read all 7 of her books.

One of my main other hobbies is watching and supporting football, something that's stemmed from my enjoyment of lpaying the game. For well over a decade, I've been supporting the London Premiership club Arsenal, although their slightly awkward location means that I can't see them as often as I'd like to. I'm also a sympathiser ( ;) ), of Kingstonian FC, and Exeter City FC, and I enjoy the rare chances I get to watch them play. Nothing can beat the atmosphere of a UK football match, if you're viseting the country, I reccomend you go along to one. It might not be an experience you'll enjoy (I love 'em!), but you don't know until you've tried it.

And, saving the best 'till last, neoseeker. I love this site, its the only forum site I've been on where, generally speaking, the members are kind and interesting people, not arrogent ones trying to promote their image and get popular at others expense. Also, its range of functions are amazing, so the two special factors that make up a good forum website - wide ranges of information and functions, and the people are both there working overtime.


"so i just gona go listen to feeder as i am their no.1 fan." - Flacky, January '03
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