Im me! Thats all that I can be!


Hmm my interests....
Music- yeah I know this is a general statement but its true, I like all music! I can be singing along to some reba one minute and then listening to Eminem the next.. and then maybe after that some Modest mouse.. yah never really know!
Video Games- So I'm not quite a fanatic with games like some people around here but I do enjoy playing every once in a while. My favorite games are SSX Tricky, Animal Crossing, Fusion frenzy and SSBM.
Photography- there is nothing like being out in nature and taking pictures.. so relaxing!!
Animals- I love animals! From saving worms on the sidewalk to watching pigons in the park... I just like to observe and hang out with my animal friends!! lol man I sound like a crazy cat woman!


I found love in the World of Warcraft! Currently in California with the man of my dreams!
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