Lilah Madore's Neohome! 

Well my website was going to hell (due to the fact that I can't finish these types of projects and keep things updated... ever.. take a look at my journal to see what I mean! lol.. just updated.. nevermind!) 

So I'm just going to copy off of Summoner Supremes neo home for the most part :) 

All About me! 


Username: Lilah Madore
Real Name: Leslie
Sex: Female :)
Age: 21
Location: Nova Scotia Canada
Horoscope/Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Nicknames: Les, Princess 
Member Since: March 31st, 2004
AIM: sweetchimadore (I think)
talk : Pr0n.princess

Occupation(s): Student and Porn store worker! lol
Car, if any: 1994 Toyota Corrolla
Live on own or with family: With family, but will be spending all my time at Stephens place when he gets his own place in a few months!
Hobbies: Watching anime and other shows... hanging out with my boyfriend.. drinking wine... 
Relationships/marital status: In a long term relationship :) 
My personality: Hmm... I'm just me, Im hyper, shy, nice, bitchy, everything in one :) 

Origins of Neo-name: Lilah was the name that my ex boyfriend (Sonic Flash) and I came up with to name our first girl and Madore is his last name. Even though we arent together anymore, the name stuck :) 
Favorite smiley: ^-^
Favorite Forums: Meh... I just like to browse around
Guestbook size: 8 pages... not very many, but then again Im not very active around here :) 

Hair color: originally brown, but right now its red and brown
Eye color: Brown
Wear glasses/contacts: Glasses
Siblings: 1 half brother
Pets owned: a bunny, a cat and I think I still have some snails living in my fish tank. 
Shy to ask someone out: haha no... but I usually make it so that they end up asking me out... Im sneaky
Summer or Winter: Autumn! 
Hugs or kisses: hmmm depends
Chocolate or Vanilla: CHOCOLATE!!! 
Rings before answering phone: Depends who it is and If I want to talk to them :) 
Type with fingers on keys: Well they have to be on the keys for me to press them :P
Sleep with stuffed animals: Does my boyfriend count? Actually yes I sleep with a teddy bear that my grandpa gave me when I was about 3 or 4... I've slept with it ever since. 
Most important to me in life: Being with people I love. 
Thing I most wish for in my lifetime: hmmm.... lots of clothes and shoes? 
Drugs: Nope don't do em
Tattoos: Nah, I wouldn't know what to get
Pet Peeves: People who have really bad grammar, and who use double negatives. Young people who act older, parents who let their eight year old wear makeup and swear, and have free reign on the internet. 
If I could change one thing about me, it would be: That I were more artistic

Day: Valentines Day.
Month: October
Holiday: Valentines day!
Typing Font: Anything cute and bubbly!
Color: pink
Number: 23
Video Game: SSX Tricky, Animal Crossing, DDR, Katamari Damcy.... anything cute
Console: Gamecube
Anime: Chobits
Manga/Graphic Novel: Love Hina
Food: Chicken! 
Beverage: wine? tequilla? mmmmmm 
Movie: LOTR, girl interrupted, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Mmmmm Willy Wonka is hot! 
Artist/Group: At this time its the Killers, but I usually like anything from 60s-90s
Animal: Bunnies! And dogs
Vacation Spot: Haven't really been too many places.. I keep having dreams about going back to Colorado though O-o
Weekday: Sunday! Its usually the day Stephen and I just lay in bed and relax

Have I ever...
Given someone a bath: hmm.. I've been in the bath with someone! 
Bungee jump: No way!
Broken the law: haha yeah, but they didn't catch me! 
Made myself throw up: When I really needed to yeah
Gone skinny dipping: Yup, with my boyfriend Stephen in his pool when his dad was out... hehe *blush*
Been in love: I'm in love now :) 
Sworn: ohh yeah
Hated someone: haha yeah I hate everyone
Had sex: have I!


More will be added here once I get back in contact with more people!

Sonic Flash- My ex boyfriend and one of my best friends. We have so many funny memories.. you know being together over a year and all... lol He'll always be my DDR king! lol and He'll always have a place in my heart.

SummonerSupreme: My ex neo-husband but a good friend who I care a lot about.. and He cares a lot about me too :) I someday hope to meet him, maybe he'll come to Canada one day!  He always makes me laugh.. he's such a sweetie *hugs*

Tosuno: DOOOOOOOOMMMM!!!!! That is all :)