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Hello,there! You know whats strange you clicked to view my profile, but haven't even talked to me yet.Why don't you send me a PM? You'll know more about me if you talk to me.=]

Well,I love writing! It's just the way a express myself.I'm a graphic designer,I don't think I'm all that great.You can check out my work at my digi port.And tell me what you think.I haven't been in the mood of making something.I need some inspiration. xD So I can go back to making graphic's and same goes for writing.I have written anything in a long time. =3 [Something must be wrong with me! =d Oh wait,It's Summer that's why >>]
I love rock music! I'll listen to any type of Rock...mostly.=P I would put all my favorite bands/singers on here, but I think that would take too long.Just ask me,If you want to know.


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