I'm to lazy to go look stuff up. I have 3ds and wiiu version so how i get?

So i'm curious of what neoseeker things of the current state of the OU meta and what should be done. Do you think the

talk all things survivor here, or don't doesn't really matter

Just beat Alpha Sapphire. Dem feels. Onto Delta Episode

Basically this is a thread to post various battling tips and tricks you may have. To start us off here is one tip: _Resis

So yeah this thread is basically a discussion of the metagame as a whole. What pokemon are you seeing a lot of? What play

Merry Christnas

@Justin @Chad So thoughts on finale? typing this up while watching episode Meh recap lol drama cat fight Go ke

So @Jeevs decided to hold a ladder challenge to see who can get highest on ladder based off a team where we all use the same

Well I'm getting a new comp so I'm basically backing up all my teams, if anyone wants to steal them go ahead, I'v

I think scald is broken, it only seems to burn me not my opponent.
Hm got a possible job doing graphic design

_~Welcome to the Neoseeker Showdown Ladder~_ Basically this an event to see who can get the highest ladder ranking on Show

Stocks are plummeting, snow is falling, and naruto is over :(

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