Lil J's Neohome
Welcome to my NeoHome!

Now get out.

Just kidding. Well now that you're here, feel free to look around and find out more about me and my awesome friends. And feel free to ask about the mass of HTML that I stole from someone elses Neohome. Yeah, I'm a thief. So sue me :P

Name: Ja' Len N. Sims
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Birthday: 18th July
Location: Virginia, USA
Occupation: School
MSN: Try looking up.

I'll add more stuff here later. If I feel like it. Which I won't.
If ya wanna be here, drop me a PM. :D
Jason Q./Chaos Team
This man needs to sleep more and get his own comedy show.

Despite the fact that we can rarely talk without starting a flame war, you a good friend. Sad to see you leave Neo.

Giga Bowser
Thanks for always being there to be the mature one when our chatroom gets chaotic(which is nearly daily).

Uhh... I don't really know how to describe you :S

Hayley and Alahna/Midnightwolf and alahna777
Two New Zealanders who always want to voice chat. Hayley, please do whatever you can to make Alahna less blonde.

If I need to save crap, it'll end up here.

"Behold, the man who sleeps whenever the *bleep* he wants. And however long he wants as well."
-Me to Jason after he slept for 18 hours straight. Get some more sleep man.

"Chaos Team has ascended to Super Saiyan Togetic Mode. Flee the website at all costs."
-Me in a thread about how Togetic sucked. Do not defy the Togetic. It could result in your death at the hands of Chaos Team.

Neoseeker Pokemon League Info
Team: Ninjask, Starmie, Breloom, Machamp, Jirachi, Togekiss, Heatran, and Electrivire
Badges: Flying, Poison, Ghost, Ice, Water, Grass

Soon to change as the league's restarting and I'll loose all mah badges. D:

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