I hate driving in big cities

]_Welcome to the Blood Battlers of Darkness_ http://i26.tinypic.com/2qxmd0k.jpg _] ● ] ● ] ● ] ●

Hoenn Division Members: http://i.neoseeker.com/m/s/524681_photo.gif @red wishes@ _Roster: Latios Greninja Heatran

So yeah just noticed this hasn't been made yet, so I figured why not They just did a recap special with scenes from ne

Basically I'd like to see what neoseeker members think of what smogon does. *Note* this poll is specifically for gen VI

I hate games of luck

I got the idea for this project based on a smogon thread and a thread I saw here. Basically I will provide two teams of 6

Blood Battlers of Darkness Versus Violet Storm Will make this look pretty later.

I hate jury duty

I was bored so decided to make another helpful thread. This thread is a guide on how to "trap" and kill opposing

So I made a new team where the idea is to just keep baton passing boosts then use stored power to sweep. It has worked ok so

Hey all I would like to revive a little thing called Team Neo. Basically back in the day almost all Neo members before the

_Mixed Generation Tournament_ Hey all decided to make this as I believe I already have adequate feedback on what type of t

I would like to host a tournament as the summer approaches and people have more free time. I would like to see what kind o

Smogon does this where they rank how viable or good pokemon are.The issue with how they do it is they don't compare by ro

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