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I have opening Avatar/Banner Requests again! ^^


Welcome to LightningThedgehog's (mine, hahahaha) Neohome!

Wallowing in the shallows and playing in the light of an unbreakable bond

Do not say the blue color is disturbing! It's in tribute to my favorite hero--SONIC!!!

Today, you shall witness what I have to say...Heheheh...

First, I'll talk about myself. I'm a female (let's hope you've taken the time to read my profile) and I enjoy doing things...on neoseeker.


My interests, you ask? Here they are...

-Sonic the Hedgehog. I got into Sonic some time ago and I've been with it ever since. It was a very addicting game and all, and now I'm really into it! ^_^

-Shaman King. Yesh. Have you ever seen a show or manga that was so funny and awesomely capturing at the same time! They picture teens at heart, and it still has a kid-feel to it. The theme song is very catchy and good!

-Legend of Zelda. My first game ever was Ocarina of Time. It was the introduction to my vast interest of...Zelda and Link and whatnot. I've got figures of Ganondorf. oO;

-Writing. I LOVE writing books of great mass and size. My longest yet was 76 pages typed and on computer printing paper.

-Linkin Park--dun ask. Their songs are cool. In the End and Numb are good songs...I dare you to go try Faint. There's screaming, but I like it. I'm a total rock fan. Their rap doesn't carry profanity, so I like it!

-Anime/Manga. I was first introduced to anime/manga by watching my first ever epi. of Sailor Moon. Since them, I've been hooked. Now I draw, listen to music from it, everything! Then I make banners and use avatars of them...Er...


**Neon Genesis Evangelion


****Tenchi Muyo

*****Pokemon (Uh, hello?!)

******Di Gi Charat

*******Ah My Goddess!

********Sonic X (I downloaded the was good.)

-Invader Zim--evil is evil, but the reason is...I like Gir. Tee-hee...

-Pirates of the Carribean. It was a good movie, OKAY?!


I really like having new neofriends, but I truly despise people who ask for my name and age just to make me a neofriend. There's no such need and I hate it. (I have strong dis/likes)

My Neo-Boyfriend: yugi vs kaiba

A man who truly shows his love for a girl he's with. My sweetie forever, Yugi vs Kaiba

Here's my short list:

-Gridlock (Met on Loungin')

-Blackheartedwolf (Introduced through PM)

-Cupcake (My neo-sis ^_^)

-Miranda (Met on Pet Discussions forum)

-strwbrry_shrtck (Met...someplace...Loungin'?)

-Emerald Guardian (Met on Sonic Heroes Forums)

-Dude_Mcduderson (Funny how a few PMs can result in becoming a Neofriend oO;)

-Angel Blade27 (Met on Lunar Legend Forums)

-Rheneas (Met on Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby Forums)

-duskull (met...somplace)





-----And more on my profile PEOPLE WHO I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE AS A FRIEND




Here are the forums I usually hang around if you would like to talk to me.


*Special Interests (Pet/Animal Discussions; the food thingy...)

*Sonic Advance

*Sonic Advance 2

*General GBA Discussion

*Sonic Heroes

*Sonic Battle

*Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

*Intellectual Excahnges

*Books & Literature (the one about...books...Isn't that it?)

*Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby

There you are...I will add more as I explore the world of neoseeker! So far...I haven't been to see much. Just my main forum favs. @.@

Aah...I will update my little humble home later! C YA! *speeds off listening*


Now that I've talked about my likes, how about some hates?

-Hentai/Porn. Flat out. I HATE hentai of any type, so don't even bother talking to me about that stuff. It's SICK. **Hentai is also the reason some people think so badly of anime. >:(

-Concieted, bratty people...Something like my brother and the popular kids at school.

-Broken scanners and printers. Don't ask. You've been through it (maybe), so, you see...It's not nice to have any of them.

-Slow Internet


I'm opening a banner business on neoseeker. I'm making requested banners for people. Don't expect them to be high-quality--I'll do what I can. You can go take a look at my own banner to see what I can do. I change my banner fairly often, so don't worry!

Steps on requesting:

1. PM me with what you want on your banner, the contents, what it'll say, what font you want the letters (if any, I will notify you if the font is available). Also, if you can, give the URL to the websites that have the pictures, but I will also search up some sites on my own.

2. Check your PMs regularly (Unlike some people who I send banners to (Ugh!).

3. When it arrives, quote my reply and the code should by there (between [*img] [img*] (without the stars). Copy the code (including the [*img] [img*]) and put it in your siggy! I know the proper size and resolution for it to be, so don't worry about it.

4. PM me back saying you got it!

5. Plus, so not take the letters off the bottom that say 'By LightningThedgehog' because I will seriously pester you if you make it difference. I kepe reference of the banner requests here!


-REDyoshi (Status: Sent)

-MrSpongeT9 (Status: Sent)