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I don't need to list my neofriends, neosis', and neobro's. You all know who you are.

Sorry, I haven't the time and patience to come up with a biography. xD


Music (As long as it sounds good, me like.)
Playing my flute
Wearing my band uniform (It makes me feel important. xD;)
Video games
Harry Potter (Ron rocks! O.^)
...and tons of other things.

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Review: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life - Wonderful! :3

Apr 10, 2005

This game is one of the better "Make - something - of - your - life - we're - giving - you - several - years" games. It's a parody on the life of a farmer, which proves to be rather monotonous in Forget-Me-Not Valley. The scenery is tranquil,...

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