Costume Quest

20 of 21 ach. unlocked (96%)
Lightnic's achievements in Costume Quest
Collected all Creepy Treat Cards.
Defeated a monster in combat with a friend by your side.
Dec 21, 11
Used the Robot Costume to Boost off of 15 different ramps.
Dec 22, 11
Defeat Araxia in battle.
Oct 30, 14
Won all prizes in Bobbing for Apples.
Got the jump on 10 monsters.
Defeated BoJonn in battle.
Dec 22, 11
Defeated Metxel in battle.
Acquired 5 Costumes.
Acquire the Eyeball costume.
Oct 30, 14
Collected a total of over 4,000 candies.
Dec 22, 11
Won the Autumn Haven Mall Costume Contest.
Completed all Quests in the game.
Used every Costume Ability in battle.
Oct 30, 14
Use the Pirate Hook on 5 unique ziplines.
Oct 30, 14
Complete all quests in Repugia.
Oct 30, 14
Find the mysterious visitor in the cliffs of Repugia
Oct 30, 14
Finished the game!
Acquired the Pumpkin Costume.
Collected all Battle Stamps.
Play Costume Quest on Christmas.