Mindgames Lighting
Jan 7, 08 10:04pm

And remember....

"Your Mind, Is Your Greatest Weapon"
- Professor X

In Motion Lighting
Dec 17, 07 6:19pm
Hey dude, thanks for being one hell of a NeoFriend over the past three.. four.. five.. whatever! The last few months, I'm here to return the favour with a super-cool stamp!

Prepare to be HooliganiZed Brotha!

Mindgames Lighting
Oct 25, 07 12:14am
Hey there Lighting! Its the Cerebral Magician...Mindgames . Anyway since we are feuding in WWE Game and you one cool dude lol, im signing your G-Book. Sadly...I don't have a fancy photoshop made stamp like all these other white people . So leaving you some cool pics of two cool wwe stars and a lighting bolt lol! Here ya go. Have a nice day!

Return da favor homie! Peace.
GabboUK Lighting
Sep 9, 07 11:59pm
Heh, i know how touchy you are about it. But J Bro and you brothers? Didnt know that.

Pedigree Lighting
Sep 8, 07 2:02am
Hello dude. I just dropped by to say that you're really more mature than that attention whore you call your brother. (just joking, peace Rawer )

Anyway, I've seen you post regularly in the Wrestling forum. You seem cool. So if you need a GFX request, I'm just a PM away.

westy_1990 Lighting
Sep 4, 07 6:45pm
Hey mate, how are ya? Hope you're ok.

Just thought I'd sign your g.book with my new stamp!

Please return the favour...

Talk to ya soon!
Serum Lighting
Sep 4, 07 1:18am

I'm sorry for getting your name wrong a while ago. I like having you on Neoseeker. You bring a lot to the forum and you often have good banners and avatars.

I just noticed that everyone else who signed your guestbook gave you a stamp so I guess I should too. I never make graphics or anything but I understand that you like Rey Mysterio, so here is a stamp for you:

See ya around the forum.

- Serum

In Motion Lighting
Aug 18, 07 4:28pm
Hey dude, since you're a cool guy and you signed my guestbbok, I'm returning the favour with a London & Kendrick stamp, enjoy!

Audiobank Lighting
Aug 14, 07 6:32pm
You signed mine, so it's customary that I sign yours and give you a dose of Sweet'n'Sour Larry Sweeney!

undertaker4ever Lighting
Jun 28, 07 1:27pm
i decided to sign your guestbook cuz uve signed mine
peace out

Chubbie Huicho Lighting
Jun 18, 07 5:04pm
"My master Rawer ordered me to sign your guestbook. And whatever Rawer says goes. So here is a stamp."

ps: it should land on heads lol
J Bro Lighting
Jun 6, 07 3:16am
Alright, you know why I am signing. Here ya go. The coolest stamp in the world.