good game but gets to be a bit annoying especially the fact that if you recruit a new member there at level 1 and the enemies are at the... FinalFantasyTacticsTheWarOfTheLions PSP
what a game never used to like it but as time went on my taste changed DynastyWarriorsStrikeforce PSP
great game but cant get all cheats on one save :( CallOfDutyRoadsToVictory PSP
me and tyrill off our heads werer playing this flat out n then a week later we did it on veteran! fuck me the last level on this was... CallOfDutyWorldAtWar PS3
MOH has nothing on COD! MedalOfHonor PSX
hitman games where awsome! Hitman2SilentAssassin PC
better by a long shot than the first one BaldursGateDarkAlliance2 Xbox
so much of a game i had it more than once and on more than one console BaldursGateDarkAlliance PS2
brilliant game better then the first GRAW especially the 360 version TomClancysGhostReconAdvancedWarfighter PC
not as good as SOCOM no way! TomClancysGhostRecon Xbox
was after this game for a while and when i did get it i was happy =D FieldCommander PSP
best military game out by far! love the socom seies cus you can be as stealthy as you want or as loud as you want SOCOM3USNavySEALs PS2
greta rehash, never played the psx version but the psp version was still good! StarOceanTheSecondEvolution PSP

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