Light Spirit
Mar 21, 14 6:01pm
I'm going to browse and see what's new :D
Light Spirit
Mar 9, 14 2:21am
Exams are over :)
Light Spirit
Feb 27, 14 1:29am
I have to study for the exam so i wont be on neo atm
Light Spirit
Feb 24, 14 3:58am
I'm going to become active and I missed you guys :)
Light Spirit
Nov 1, 12 12:28am
Pie + Pi equal the root of 3.14 degree pie.
Light Spirit blogged
May 6, 12 5:51pm

This blog is about the similarites to One Piece and Fairy Tail.BOTH manga are not the same!One Piece is about Pirates as Fairy Tail is about Mages!

Monkey D. Luffy and Natsu Dragneel:

Bartholomew Kuma and Hoteye:

Boa hancock and Cobra:

Lucci leopard and Elfman Weretiger transformation:

Shank and Gildart Clive:

Light Spirit
Apr 22, 12 4:29pm
Neoseeker is dead??
Light Spirit
Apr 12, 12 2:11am
Have you watch the regular show?
Light Spirit
Feb 25, 12 2:04am
Dad isn't home yet....
Light Spirit
Feb 23, 12 2:50am
---DS and Harpie ruin my life---
Light Spirit
Nov 7, 11 3:00am
Life is a place where you must get along with challenges and danger
Light Spirit
Sep 7, 11 8:37pm
How to give a pig a pankcake inspired me...
Light Spirit
Sep 4, 11 3:34pm
My dad B-day
Light Spirit
Jun 11, 11 6:00pm
Hope no hack me.>>
Light Spirit
Jun 11, 11 3:10am
Who want my password?:D
Light Spirit
Jun 6, 11 4:21am
%u2022Sorry, you have been banned and cannot post comments....
Light Spirit
Apr 2, 11 5:13pm
Taking a break on neo,maybe for a few weeks.
Light Spirit
Mar 29, 11 9:13pm
sorry snips..
Light Spirit
Mar 27, 11 4:45am
hope snips die.:)

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