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Feb 5, 09 4:14am

Well mine might not be a touch but still iPod videos aren't exactly cheap. Plus my phone got busted up, that is right over four hundred bucks worth of gear gone in a stupid spear tackle from my best mate. Well naturally I was angry as I would have to go through a load of shit from my parents and buy new stuff. Plus I lost my phone which I was pretty fond, incase you didn't notice I am pretty pissed off. If you read my first blog you would notice that I was ranting about Rudd's happy handout. Well I rock up at school today and everyone is talking about it (Nerdy school that I go to.) Anywho I dived right in smashing the shit out of it, to get shutdown by these idiots. They just think, sick free money and stuff, we should get way more. That left my day with a lot to make up for.

Apart from the whole iPod thing seeing my mates was good. You see I was recently moved to an Academic selective school by my parents. I hate it there and never get to see my mates from my old school. In Australia this is our first week back at school so I am just getting used to not seeing them everyday again. So school is shit at the moment and will probably remain that way. Plus I have work all this weekend so I won't see them this week completely, so this makes a shit day feel even shittier. Thats my mini-rant for tonight about how shit things just ad up to make a crap day. Hopefully next blog I will be happy.

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Lifesapper blogged
Feb 4, 09 3:59am

So here I am sitting on the couch watching the news after hearing about some big package the government is handing out. You know what, this package isn't doing shit for our future, sure it is giving a huge amount of people $950 dollars. The whole point of this is for these people to then buy something and pump the money back into the economy. Do you really think this will happen though? In short it won't, the Australian people are going to pay off debt or save it. Only true idiots such as the people who put together this package will buy a new TV. People are scared of losing their jobs and they will do everything in their power to save money in case this occurs.

What Kevin Rudd and his experts need to do is admit that the economy is screwed and plan for the best way out. We need to build up infrastructure to provide more jobs for more people. We need to build up the education system with new teachers and better materials. This way more educated people will be pumped into society helping push Australia into a teriary economy. We need to stop refining materials into product and instead rely on services as our main aspect of the economy. Countries such as Sweden that have this level of economy are not suffering as badly. We need to get a top-notch education system to push us into this section of economy. If we cannot the financial crisis will affect us for far longer and leave us in a much damage to deal with.

In all *bleep* you Kevin Rudd. You need to admit we are heading towards recession and prepare for the damage that is coming. This will allow Australia to rough out the tough times and come out with a group of graduates ready to boost our economy more than a $950 dollar handout.

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