whats up brett glad to see ur still using all of ur site memberships anyway hope ur school year goes well and hopefully talk to you soon

zOMG you just got STAMPED by me! I stamped all over you! RAWR!
((This is my way of saying 'Hey! I thought about j00!' o.0))
So, once this heavy PWNAGE wears off, sign me back, or PM or something.

(Luff, luff, furbiddin luff!)

I don't even know if there is a waffle day,
And there probably isn't,
But I feel like going on a spree,
And I need a reason..
Don't I?

My Best Friend and Yours,

Here's VD's alternate account saying hi Sign back if you have the time
You know, that whole 'destroy all who oppose the Legion' thing?

Isn't she cute? Kinda like that one neomember? (She still rejects me...)
shinji ain't your real name boy
anyway I just came to drop by and say wassup, and that you are a c00L pers0n and we are members of Rodney's unintentional pwnage skwad, lol

talk to later budddy
hey SHINJI!!! Ummm, I dunno what to say. I just wanted to sign this.

the following sentance it to fufil the needed 125 characters.

you are now reading a sentance that you have just finished reading.
Hello, I'm signing Evangelion fan's guestbooks!! Nice Neohome! Well, see ya around the forums and AOL Messenger! Happy New Years!!
[*chant* Eva!! Eva!! Eva!! *pose* Hooooooo-hah!!! Ahh, the wonders of robots, clones, and Super Ego's...]

[Thanks for signing my guestbook!! I really like your NeoHome as well, love the pictures...@.@...ahh, if only I wasn't so HTML-inept...-.-]

[Yus, "She Hates Me" would make a superb AMV to Shinji's relationship with Asuka, no? Must find oneeeee!!! Rammstein!!!!!]

(That thing took me 10 minutes to put up) >.<

[Nipples N' Smiles!!!]

Good to know there are other hardcore Evangelion fans out there!
Well, of course there are, but seeing your profile... I just know for sure!
Well, I hope to see you around the board and maybe we can have a chat.


Your Guestbook has been signed by,
Another Evangelion fan! Awesome! *hands you the certificate of Neo Gen likeness* Er, I don't know what it's for, but I made it anyway.

*leans over, coloring something with colored pencils*

Event: Lightning drops the piece of paper on the floor as she leaves and you see the picture on it--

You signed my questbook so i guess i will sign yours.You say Zackbagodonuts is your little LVF clone.....So well hmmmmm dont these charachter rules kinda make you mad hmmmmm....
Well I'm here beacuse I want to earn money, j/k.
I'm signing your guestbook and hope to become neofreinds.

Melow .-.

(Heh another person to send chain letters) j/k lol
Hey, i realised you signed my guestbook, so i thought i'd return the favour! Your a very cool person, and im glad i got to meet you! No doubt i will see you round the Eva threads very soon
hi im megadude and im signing your guestbook. im kinda new and thanks for helping me with all your posts. thanks!!!

your friend

P.S. please sign my guestbook. thank you again
hey there! i saw that not alota ppl have signed ur guestbook so im gonna sign it! and thx for helpin me when i needed help in rockman battlenetwork black! (God i luv usin japanese names) so thanx! and whenever u need help dont be afraid to ask! i got 7 stars and protoarm omega so i basically have everything! so when u need help, u no where i am
I thought I signed this, sorry! Thanks for signing mine, and Drink Lots of Serminade! See ya!
Stupid character lenghts....Sorry about this....LALALALALALALALA! SERMINADE IS FUNH 4 ME!!!!
Yo, I'm signing your guestbook, cause you were the one that exxcepted me into the Legion/Evolution, and also cause you've been a great friend, Chouds been a good friend too, but sometimes he leaves me feel insulted, but anyway nice signin' your guestbook
I'm neostamping your guest book because i want to thank you for being there as a friend.

Hey Hello LVF.I just came to say hello and congrsts on making a good Club Of Megaman.Im gladd It's Giong Far.And I think youl make a good mod in any forum.
Today is a day of guest book signings, since I have nothing better to do..

Guess i forgot to sign you Guest Book. Real Sorry just want to say thanks for Breeding MegaManLEgion or Evolution. Just want to say thanks and dont take $hit from nobody.
whats up man?i am bored so i am signing your guestbook,i am going to be in my little world lol jk
you have been stamped with my banner
Stamped with love! Amor Omniam Vincit.