Leupac's achievements in Madden NFL 06

Get a First Down (20G) 0 comments Gain a first down in any offline game mode.
Score a Touchdown (30G) 0 comments Score a Touchdown in any Offline game mode.
Complete an Offline Game (30G) 0 comments Successfully complete an offline game
Win a Franchise Game (100G) 0 comments Win a user-controlled Franchise game.
Win the Super Bowl (100G) 0 comments Win the Super Bowl with your Franchise team.
Rush for 200 Yards (100G) 0 comments Successfully rush for 200 yards or more.
Pass for 350 Yards (100G) 0 comments Successfully pass for over 350 yards or more.
Four Sacks in One Game (100G) 0 comments Amass four sacks in one game.
Enter History Book (10G) 0 comments Enter any of the history book screens in Franchise mode.
Complete 30 Years of Franchise (400G) 0 comments Successfully complete 30 years of Franchise mode.
Activate RS Card (10G) 0 comments Activate any of the RS cards.


A total of 164 Neoseeker members have played Madden NFL 06, achieving a total of 2,396 achievements and 179,750 Gamerpoints.

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