Lesorin shared a forum thread
Apr 18, 14 1:25am

Titles says it all :) I'm rather new to the game but I want to get a cool house started :D

Lesorin shared a forum thread
Apr 17, 14 12:34pm

I'm looking to make a computer based room, since my profession is I.T Tech at a university :). I would love to buy anythi

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Mar 22, 14 11:10pm

Titles says all last poke I need for kalos dex

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Mar 22, 14 5:40pm

will trade for it. I don't need to keep it just trade and trade back :).

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Mar 14, 14 4:37pm

Adding anyone who replies, if you have those pokemon let me know. I'm also looking for people with starters.

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Mar 11, 14 4:27pm

Be great to integrate neoseekers with tapatalk for easier use on mobile. AS I can be found here http://tapatalk.com I just

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Mar 11, 14 1:09pm

Pokemon Y FC : 4656-6160-0384 Nosepass, Magcargo, Rhydon ADD ME :D I don't care whats in your's I just want more f

Lesorin blogged
Jun 28, 10 7:24am

yo so if any of you are interest hears what I've been up to lately. Pretty much my 6 string art and luthier has become my life, I've been playing for about a year and I can finally play well keeping a beat on my acoustic which is pretty sick. I'm getting the worst blisters every with it. Gamewise I've been playing alot of warhammer on the computer (to expensive to buy) I havent gotten far but its a pretty sick game. other then that I'm still trying to beat fable, dubbed a duck hunt "nintendo zapper" a cancer gun and drew trippy shit on it. if you make the aimer black its way cooler XD. other then that shitload of rain, going into grade 11, starting up krav maga. thats bout it for now. see you all in a later post >.>.
Lesorin blogged
Jan 18, 09 12:18am

So todays my first break from staying up til 2am working on homework and cramming. for the past week I've bee swamped with school and not to mention government testing which is such a pain!!!! todays been nice so far got to sleep in which was much needed but i do have a massive headache which sucks... Next week I have exams which im not looking forward to hopefully they wont be to bad seeing how im only a grade 9! well This is my first blog not much conidering its my first time :) well im off to grab some food and a advil :)

Feb 21, 08 3:01pm
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