Well said Captain Nerditude. There is no price that can be placed on a person's life, no matter... read more

likes Team Hydro Aura's status update: "Raising awareness! Please read y'all!! http://bit.ly/1bX33Ms"

Congrats on your one-year Cat Mod Anniversary! Let's keep the fun times rolling! read more

likes Aurigae's status update: "I cannot believe that today marks my first year of being a category moderator. :o"
likes Aurigae's status update: "I don't think Gotenks expected me to ask "How the scoring is done" when he was trying to educate me on Wrestling."
likes Willow's status update: "Super nervous about going back to England, really needing to make some happy memories there."

I'm kind of lost on that one. read more

I'm looking forward to hearing what ACE has in store for the soundtrack! Xenoblade Chronicles had... read more

likes Whelan's status update: "After 4 or so months in hospital, my Mum returns home today. ^_^"
likes Neon Rainbow's status update: "I PASSED MY AS LEVELS I GOT 2 A'S AND 2 B'S OMG"
likes Aurigae's status update: "This is a dance. http://bit.ly/1laepaZ"

This just in: the Korean Official Pokemon site has accidentally leaked two additional Mega... read more

likes Docile's status update: "NeoWiki CPR, Dragoon. Stat!"

Happy Anniversary! Here's to many more Anniversaries and many more happy years! read more