Noctilum is reminding me of Satorl Marsh from Xenoblade Chronicles. A lot. Especially in terms of... read more

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Well, that was quick. Treehouse is still going though.
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likes Austin's status update: "Blighttown sucks"
likes Willow's status update: "I RODE ON A CAMEL TODAY it was fun"
likes ar_cat's status update: "Counting down... 5 months left :S"

Oh wow! Congratulations are definitely in order! Who's the lucky person? read more

I haven't seen you on IRC lately. Found that odd, especially on nights when the sh-t hits the fan on my end. read more

likes AriaFiresong's status update: "The boatman beckons and beckons. Others cross, not I. Others cross, not I. I am waiting for my friend."
likes Austin's status update: "Drunk people are funny"

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All joking aside, feel better soon and get lots of lotion...
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OW! Sunburns can sting something downright fierce if they're bad enough--guess they'd be called... read more

likes Austin's status update: "Argh! This sunburn, burns!"