Mensfuff Leonheart
Jul 03, 03 11:50am
yo leonheart. thought i'd leave a message seeing as no-one is home. well i was calling about my TV being stolen, i was wondering if it was you................(blah, blah, blah)................. could you please call me back soon. thanks a lot.

hee hee. its all a joke.

you're sig says you've never lost a fight, im ready to (try) and rectify that.

well, cya around leonheart, enjoy yourself.


DuelMaster Leonheart
Mar 15, 03 7:45pm
signin ya guest book is wat im doin. I was bored so Im coin round' signin guestbooks. wat up homey dawg. (Im a gangsta:)) word

Peace out
okumsup Leonheart
Feb 24, 03 8:00pm
You got a nice choice of RPGS that you like there, i have some of those games so i;d thought i'd pop by and sign your g-book, c ya
Nemisis13 Leonheart
Jan 28, 03 8:45pm
Hey, whats up man. Your a pretty cool guy. You sure know your final fantasy! Even more then me!...heh, well keep up the good work, peace out
Nemisis13 Leonheart
Jan 24, 03 4:34pm
hey, your a realy cool guy. I hope to go against you in the tournament, you seem like a very worthy opponent. Well Cya around the forums, peace
rpglord7 Leonheart
Jan 22, 03 3:34pm
Well you won me as I knew you would so good job anyway, you need to beat more people and get em to sign your guestbook its empty, it will get better the more people you beat .
Seraphic Radiance Leonheart
Jan 17, 03 6:17pm
Booyaka! I'm Serra/Delka. I like playing FFVIII, FFX, and Kingdom Hearts. And Squall/Leon's my favourite too! I saw you in the FFX forum so I decided to say hello. I'm surprised you have no sigs, but anyway. I may talk to you later. Well, Byebye!