The game is realistic, has PS3 graphics (despite being PS2 and released in 2004) and everything about this is great! WorldRallyChampionship4 PS2
GTA VS Bully:What´s The Best?
Photoshopped means Fuc*ed up. Yeah that´s right, i censor my own words.
Is this availible in Europe? I want it... MetalGearSolidTheEssentialCollection PS2
The Best Metal Gear for PSP! It even beats Peace Walker!! 10/10 It´s 200% addicitive MetalGearSolidPortableOps PSP
WOW! My Tales Of Minecraft Book has good drawings,maybe i do a version on the computer!!
Spying my own disease seems...intersting...
WOW!! Even someone is online at this time?
It´s too late here.
PES-AF has,how can I say.....a kind of a music....which is ultra strange.....
I´m Gonna make some sacred cerals!!!
Maybe soon I will write another review...
I´m A Son Of Liberty.....
The best game of 2001-2003!!! This game is awesome!! Espacially because they introduced Raiden. Raiden,turn off the game console!!!!!! MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty PS2
I´m living in a World of darkness...
how do we join a server,and setup a server?This game is awesome,but i need friends to play with me. Minecraft PC
Cats and Foxes rule the world!!!
And it was 1 month ago.
I completed what i promised!!

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