You're it. [^^]
Goddess of all Goddesses, the light in the end of the tunnel, you were the guide for the PSO Community, a community where i fit myself, and were i still belong. I was seeking for info on the PSO Rares on YAHOO, and i ended up in your thread with the Rares List you had already found. Then i started posting here and there, till i decided to stay. When you left the PSO boards, it was like watching a sunset without the Sun itself... a True empty space, a garden with no flowers at all...
Then i got to know that you were still around, but just invisible to my eyes!
Never had the chance to play PSO with you (only Ragnarok... BAH!), and i hope that time will come soon (maybe in the Cube PSO!?)

The best of life for you young lady, if someone deserves it, that someone is YOU!
Hi i am a neo newbie and i hear your name around a lot are you THAT popular i heard that u are really good at PSO you are soo cool;-)
I have questions #1 how can i get that pic??? i really like it #2 my dreamcast wont go online with pso v.2 do i need software??
Hey Lenia, just posting to show I remember the Neo Goddess I remember when I first joined Neo via the PSO forums and you were everyones favourite person there. Seems like it's developed into being the favourite gal of everyone across Neoseeker
Man, we've come a long way, huh? I doubt you'll ever even read this. It'll rot away into Neohistory's Lost and Found. I figured I'd drop a line or two. If you can't tell yet, I'm just killing time and space until I reach the necessary limit of 125 characters. I'm too tired to think clearly to actually come up with some good stuff to post. I think this should do. See ya 'round!
Lenia the true friend I knew all the way from back in early feb. when I started playing pso. Always willing to be a friend and help out those in need. Truely you are the greatest friend and companion a person could ever have.

Those that get to talk with you even a little will no doubt be glad they had the chance.