Rah_muXe Lenia
Apr 7, 03 3:21am
You're it. [^^]
Morpheus Lenia
Sep 10, 02 5:59pm
Goddess of all Goddesses, the light in the end of the tunnel, you were the guide for the PSO Community, a community where i fit myself, and were i still belong. I was seeking for info on the PSO Rares on YAHOO, and i ended up in your thread with the Rares List you had already found. Then i started posting here and there, till i decided to stay. When you left the PSO boards, it was like watching a sunset without the Sun itself... a True empty space, a garden with no flowers at all...
Then i got to know that you were still around, but just invisible to my eyes!
Never had the chance to play PSO with you (only Ragnarok... BAH!), and i hope that time will come soon (maybe in the Cube PSO!?)

The best of life for you young lady, if someone deserves it, that someone is YOU!
Oyu64 Lenia
Apr 28, 02 5:16pm
Hi i am a neo newbie and i hear your name around a lot are you THAT popular i heard that u are really good at PSO you are soo cool;-)
Oyu64 Lenia
Apr 28, 02 12:47pm
I have questions #1 how can i get that pic??? i really like it #2 my dreamcast wont go online with pso v.2 do i need software??
Azrael Blade Lenia
Apr 13, 02 8:41am
Hey Lenia, just posting to show I remember the Neo Goddess I remember when I first joined Neo via the PSO forums and you were everyones favourite person there. Seems like it's developed into being the favourite gal of everyone across Neoseeker
AD Wyce Lenia
Apr 12, 02 7:08pm
Man, we've come a long way, huh? I doubt you'll ever even read this. It'll rot away into Neohistory's Lost and Found. I figured I'd drop a line or two. If you can't tell yet, I'm just killing time and space until I reach the necessary limit of 125 characters. I'm too tired to think clearly to actually come up with some good stuff to post. I think this should do. See ya 'round!
VeGiTAX2 Lenia
Mar 26, 02 4:12am
Lenia the true friend I knew all the way from back in early feb. when I started playing pso. Always willing to be a friend and help out those in need. Truely you are the greatest friend and companion a person could ever have.

Those that get to talk with you even a little will no doubt be glad they had the chance.