Random signing!
Now sign back!

Oh, not 125 characters.....Well, there are now I guess.

Signing because you are a coolio friend! 8D

I made a new stamp, its fluffy! 8D
Anyway, see you around the forums, or PM me for a chat if your bored! =D

Now, feel the wrath of...


Charizard built a model of himself out of lego
I'm just signing some peeps' guestbooks, and I came across yours!

Honchkrow FTW~!!

Hey buddy!
I love Legos, too! Rock on! *fist pound*

Hey,thanks for signing my Gb and now here I am signing yours!

I got a new stamp aswell,here it is:

I made a new stamp, so I'm signing guestbooks with it!

I could make you a stamp if you want, just tell me your request. But I may not be able to do a trainer for you, but if you ask nicely, I'll see what I can do!
I found this picture, sorry. I am working on another drawing right now.

Hey hey just wanted to say hi

hhhiiiii hhhiiiiiii hiiihihih hihgihihihihiih hihihihih hihihih hihiihihi ihiib hi iinii inh inin ihj9sfgkbifsjrh jwfknaf uhfuih huirhgliuahfuir urhfaiu hfvjkfn
I'm on a winter stamping spree, don't mind me! LOL.


Just wanted to show you my AWESOME stamp!

Do you like it? I do! I win: Stampality.
hey thanks for everything here is my stamp Merry Christmas:

Hey Man, just decided I should sign your guestbook. Stay cool man ~AT

I never knew you added me to your friend list, I never added you,
But I have now! Thanks for the GB signing and heres my stamp:

Yay honchkrow!

First to sign teh Guestbook =3

Seen you around a bit and decided to stamp, Enjoy~