emporer_caopi Legolunatic
Jun 28, 08 9:32pm

Random signing!
Now sign back!

Oh, not 125 characters.....Well, there are now I guess.

Lauzi Legolunatic
May 20, 08 12:05am
Signing because you are a coolio friend! 8D

I made a new stamp, its fluffy! 8D
Anyway, see you around the forums, or PM me for a chat if your bored! =D

Charizard_Girl Legolunatic
Apr 8, 08 12:47am
Now, feel the wrath of...


Charizard built a model of himself out of lego
Lauzi Legolunatic
Mar 29, 08 4:58pm
I'm just signing some peeps' guestbooks, and I came across yours!

Honchkrow FTW~!!

segaman Legolunatic
Feb 28, 08 7:22pm
Hey buddy!
I love Legos, too! Rock on! *fist pound*

Mohamadito Legolunatic
Feb 26, 08 9:32pm
Hey,thanks for signing my Gb and now here I am signing yours!

I got a new stamp aswell,here it is:

Lauzi Legolunatic
Feb 26, 08 5:44pm
I made a new stamp, so I'm signing guestbooks with it!

I could make you a stamp if you want, just tell me your request. But I may not be able to do a trainer for you, but if you ask nicely, I'll see what I can do!
Liliana Legolunatic
Feb 22, 08 5:21pm
I found this picture, sorry. I am working on another drawing right now.

Liliana Legolunatic
Jan 24, 08 11:26pm
Hey hey just wanted to say hi

dfk Legolunatic
Jan 15, 08 11:05pm
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Lauzi Legolunatic
Jan 9, 08 3:47pm
I'm on a winter stamping spree, don't mind me! LOL.


Linnie Legolunatic
Jan 7, 08 8:22pm
Just wanted to show you my AWESOME stamp!

Do you like it? I do! I win: Stampality.
Turtwig King Legolunatic
Dec 23, 07 3:15am
hey thanks for everything here is my stamp Merry Christmas:

Assasin Thief Legolunatic
Dec 20, 07 10:43pm
Hey Man, just decided I should sign your guestbook. Stay cool man ~AT

Lauzi Legolunatic
Dec 7, 07 1:57pm
I never knew you added me to your friend list, I never added you,
But I have now! Thanks for the GB signing and heres my stamp:

Yay honchkrow!

Colt4 Legolunatic
Dec 5, 07 9:04pm
First to sign teh Guestbook =3

Seen you around a bit and decided to stamp, Enjoy~