Finity realms is a new born server looking for players to join and play on the server. Everyone is welcomed. The staff list i

Read the title. I'll still add you if you post in the thread, but I really want a breloom :D

I just want a normal starly for breeding with a skamory, I don't care about its IVs or nature, I just want a normal starl

Can't wait for Friday when my new computer comes in :D
I don't really care about this message box now
I feel like I did something horrible today, not sure what.
Ugh, I'm having a horrible day
Is feeling Emo today :(
Just got Terraria and I'm loving it!
Is going to buy Terraria soon
Is hooked on Minecraft.
Was I supposed to put something here?
Um what was I supposed to put here? A message? Okay here it goes. Hi
Bite me you skeletal mother*******

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