I like to says it all there. I Have to update this simply because my resolution was to be blunt this year.
Not very womanly but hey I going give it a try. I tried to be blunt in highschool and well they weren't ready for it.
I like goats. I like my dog. Most importantly I like my games I have risked playing. Sadly some people who believe they can't understand why I like games so much...think I am addictive but I like to try every aspect of game. For my brother and me we both try something differently, we enjoy the aspect of dying in the game. I like to see where death is coming. Like in battlefront two in star wars I got see if I get run over by tank. oR IF THAT POSSIBLE. And I found out it was funny and monsters in game attacked me that was funny.
Call of duty was funny on death aspect I have admit on see bullets wiz past...and grenade hit you. Your like what?


These are top so far Monster Hunter, Harvest Moon BTN,Final Fantasy 7, Harvest Moon WL, Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 10, Tales of Symphonia, Ghost Recon, Neverwinter Nights, Sims 3(castaway stories), GRAW and GRAW2 and Call of Duty 4 *played on first recruit then started to play on regular level...*
Interest really is writing and drawing but never got around doing goat game.

I like to paint landscapes if I can get light and water texture right but seascapes and beachscapes are my medium. I like taking care of goats too.

They are getting better in ways to improve to communication, like for which many people lacked in doing from long distances in by LAN...if they can improve it a little by better software I give a whole thumbs up for that. Speakers were a bit more easier to wireless or small be interesting.
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