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  • "So I went through a faze of wanting every Harvest Moon game, and I still don't own a singe one... HarvestMoonDS DS"
    LT23 Sep 01, 11 6:22am
  • ""American Import and it's full of glitches and impossible to play HarvestMoonDS DS"
    Kini Jul 29, 11 9:59pm
  • "American Import and it's full of glitches and inpossible to play... HarvestMoonDS DS"
    Kini Jul 05, 11 7:55pm
  • "Oh great lol just saved my new game on slot 2 onto slot 1 so has to start ALL OVER AGAIN GRRRR HarvestMoonDS DS"
    Potato latte Jun 26, 11 5:21am
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