Just saw you post count! Intresting! i would like to give you a greenday pic but you might not like em!

Well c u around

Hey, you don't have anything under your name, may I ask, why?

I was looking through your profile so I figured I'd sign your book.

Happy Postin'

Note: This is a randomly generated signing, that others will get the same as you.
Stamped with love! Omnia vincit amor.

hi just thought i'd sign you guestbook because im bored but i have to say you are one fast poster if you have time sign my guestbook thanx see ya.
Hi! Just thought I would drop by and sign your guestbook! You're an extremely fast poster! Faster than the speed of light... Anyway, happy posin', and I'll see you around Neo!

From: Mike C.
Well we meet again well im signing your guest book cause you signed...
Not really but if you really want me back at the Digimon Forums then i guess ill go back.i didnt really go back because i was busy with my Megaman Battle Network 2 game and the forum. Well see you at the forums

The legendary Cyborg

Choud(wait its going to say that at the bottom oh well)
This is the clue you should see...

A...B..__... + these fall off in winter + a bad grade in school.

Now go find the next clue.

Great you found the next clue.

A...B....C... + These fall off in winter

Now go find the next clue.
Hey, I'm signing your guestbook because you signed mine. Or yeah, I forgot, you're the first one to sign mine. How lucky you are ...

I haven't met a guy who have around 5 accounts in Neoseeker. The first time I met you is when you're using thegreatone account name. Funny, until that you changed your name pretty much just because of spelling mistake. And now, you using Legendary. I wonder how are you gonna last using this account ?

Damn, you're a great guy ...
thanks for helping me on the digimon game I needed it thanks

it was nice talking with you and umm umm ummm umm ummm ummm ummm hi
Your on my will to recieve $10 billion and a reciept for Microsoft if something was ever to happen to me.

I should also say that if i get frozen and wake up 50 years later, the money goes back to me
Yo, wassup dude?

It's been lots of fun talkin with ya in the FF7 Forum, and on AIM, but not on Trillian grrr...

Ha, thought you were funny Spammin me up with a million of IM's, eh? Well, I got my revenge with Blondechick...

Anyway, I think I have blabbered on enough.

Now go sign my guestbook Dammit!

-Justin a.k.a. Volrath
Hey, its me . The annoying guy with all the questions . I just wanted to thank you for answering all my questions. Youre a cool guy, even for a mod .
Ton of posts a day.

Legendary or magic?

Opps,I forget your name is Legendary.

Well,see you around in DW3 fourm.

How's it? You're quite a popular person on Neoseeker. At first I've seen you around Loungin', and then you came to Final Fantasy 7, and I will say I am glad you did. You're a really nice person and you try and help out all you can, and I respect that.

Well, keep up the good work in your forums, and I still hope to see you around.

Hey Legend. Just saying hi and that your the first to show me that mods can spam LMAO j/k. See ya at Kramers party and at the FF7 forum.

I signed your guestbook because I was suprised to see how much you posted in a couple of days... How do you post that much in such few days? MAGIC? You posted more than me and I have been a member for three months!

Hey Well id ont have nothing to say i just posted in your Guestbook Because it was in your signature so seeya

well i thought i'd sign ya guestbook and how do ya get

tons of posts a day you magic or somthin

i dont know wat else ta say see ya roun
well hey wazzup? Ive got a question for you: how do you post so much in only <looks> a day!! anyways I guess that ill see ya later bye!!

Hey cracka, after all your bitching and moaning here I am signing your guestbook....Lots to say. Well I gotta finish Stuntman 100%

See Ya Around,