Lovedove Legendary Zidane
Mar 31, 13 7:25pm
Even though you never come around the forum anymore, I am still going to sign your guestbook out of tradition. =P

So, what have you been up to? How's life? Send me a message sometime. GEEZ!! XD

<3 Kelly
Lovedove Legendary Zidane
Jun 12, 12 9:39pm
Hey you! Where have you been? Why haven't we talked in such a long time? Start posting in the forum again. Why? Because I told you to! I can't believe we are still friends... seriously... 8 years with you... *sigh*

Love always (even though you constantly challenge my authority and tease me every single time you get the chance =P),
Kelly Ann
Lovedove Legendary Zidane
Apr 01, 11 11:51pm
quote Legendary Zidane
quote Lovedove
why have you made it so I cannot sign your guestbook on your Neoversary?

I'm pretty sure you also failed the last time you tried to.
Thanks for finally activating your guestbook LZ.
Blarg Cows Legendary Zidane
Apr 01, 11 10:09am
Is incapable of figuring out how to sign your guestbook. I always knew a hotdog is not to be trusted. Nooooooooooooooooooooob
Lovedove Legendary Zidane
Mar 31, 09 11:52am
Oh my goodness! It has been five years already!? Time passes by too quickly now-a-days if you ask me. =( Maybe time seems to have passed by so quickly because you haven't been around much. =P Get your butt back to the forum! >_< Anyway, Cheers to 5 years! I hope we will make it through another year together. <3

Kelly Ann
Ray_Masamune Legendary Zidane
Mar 31, 09 12:02am
...or not ENOUGH!

5 years, and you haven't changed one bit.

You're still cooler than Sephiroth.


Yeah, I'm a terrible liar.

Happy Neoversary, buddy.

Lovedove Legendary Zidane
Feb 15, 09 2:12am

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day is filled with love, hugs, kisses, and candy! ^-^

Vicious Legendary Zidane
Feb 06, 09 11:38pm
Sorry it took so long to sign your GB, I could seem to find the image link in My Documents. Anyway, ready for a patented Smeckle Poem?

You signed my Guest Book.
So I'm signing yours.
I loved the picture you gave me.
Bears are dangerous, stay indoors.

Ray_Masamune Legendary Zidane
Jan 26, 09 6:33am
...signed my guestbook twice, without even being invited to.

And for that...

Good day.
Warrior Princess Legendary Zidane
Dec 09, 08 10:20pm
Hey man! You're a member now--that's awesome! I hope you like it here! Now all we need is for Alex Pyro to convert... *grins evilly*


Lovedove Legendary Zidane
Nov 07, 08 11:54am

I made a new stamp and decided to stamp your guestbook. ;] I miss you my Malta friend! >_< *hugs*

Lovedove Legendary Zidane
Mar 31, 08 2:27am
It's been 4 years already! Do you think we can make it through 4 more?

quote Legendary Zidane
Anyway, I just hope this year will be a good one in which you won't bore people to daeth anymore
I want to say that I can't believe you... but I can.

And here I actually signed your guestbook on the correct day.

Have a good day pip-squeek.
Ray_Masamune Legendary Zidane
Mar 20, 08 1:49am
Greetings, peon.

You dared to step into my guestbook.

It's only fair I do the same and visit yours...

...and while I'm here, I may as well burn it to the floor. *_*


March 04' members are teh bestest.

Doom Buggy Legendary Zidane
Mar 03, 08 6:58am
Hi LZ. It's me Doom Buggy from the FFIX forum. Signing your Guestbook to congratulation you in winning the 20 Q IX game. Well see you later Legendary Zidane.

Doom Buggy was in your Guestbook!
Lovedove Legendary Zidane
Feb 15, 08 10:06am
Is it possible that I have never signed your guestbook? Or do you just delete all of the entries? Anyway, the reason I came: