hey legendery ssj goku ive got a forum site im getting started on so dont forget to chek it out at http://www.jazzaplace.piczo.com/?cr=6&rfm=y
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Guess what? That's right! I have a new stamp!^^ And I'm here to show it to you..! You are a victim of my signing spree..!!!!! XD

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I hope you like it..!
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bye where ever your goin for your personal probs PEace! ill see you again maybe but anyway bye.....roll roll roll a joint pick out the seeds and stems!, gettin high as hell flyin do palm Dale rollin dated rims...
Guess what!? I'm on a signing spree!

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hi im just signing your guestbook. iv nown you for a long time.

Youve been stamped by................

Hey Legendary SSJ Goku!!!!!!!!! I need to sign your GB NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My stamp, for you my friend!


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hi just signing ur guestbook:)
Hi I see that you're new, please sign my guestbook and add me as friends as i'm trying to make friends as well, i'll do the same for you friend;)
I see u joined like what yesterday..?
So have a stamp!

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It's a honor to sign your Guestbook as first! And thanks a lot for signing mine, now I'll sign yours. Hope you like the stamp.


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