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Can you please not bump up threads over 2 years old.

And secondly, if you look in the sticky there is a list of... read more

From what I know about it. It's a great CPU that comes in cheap and can be overclocked to get a bit of power.

And... read more

try lowering ur RAM CAS Latency's... they may be stopping u... 5-5-5-15 or 5-5-5-18.... or something higher... read more

awesome .. gonna read,,,,... thanks kspiess... er.. jmicahg

whoever wrote it.... thanks and now to read.. read more

seeing as R650 is meant to be out soon-ish as an opponent to G90 which is out 2nd half of this year, i can't see... read more

on altavista all you find is the thread.. then you can look at the posts in the thread.. and it clearly says... read more

seriously mate, this thread is 5 months old or so.

Please don't post in threads that old unless it is really... read more

another great review from neoseeker... making me tempted to get one... but i can't afford it... let alone a... read more


Well, firstly it takes a super compuiter to play this game at full, but even my crumy...


Ok, basically your a tennager, a young teenager or a pre-teenager.... probebly between...


Not really any comments, but well, it's a great game, and having the battle mode, is...