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Nov 02, 15 4:19pm


Hello fronds and welcome to a fanfic I am writing for some reason. What? PoFiProMo? Nah, I don't have enough endurance

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Oct 20, 15 8:26pm


...Don't give me that look, it's nothing bad. It's just a bit of research/brainstorming. Actually might be kinda

alroy214 LeafeonPrincess
May 02, 15 1:36am
Do you like Hoenn? (x
Apr 23, 15 8:56pm
Oh, come on! Not another earphone broken! Why is it always the left bud?
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Nov 05, 14 5:07pm


So is anyone else annoyed by DA yet? They've (yet again) changed their design, and (yet again) it's even more data de

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