Artirtico Lauzi
Dec 25, 10 6:30am

Hiya! Hope you have a great Christmas; eat too much good food, get lost in mountains of wrapping paper and have fun playing the same meaningless yet hysterical party games over and over again xD

Cheers! and happy new year!
Samkuro Lauzi
Dec 24, 10 7:49am

Happy Holidays
Hope you have an awesome day, and a Happy New Year

from samkuro
Samkuro Lauzi
Feb 14, 10 9:26am

Happy Valentines Day, whether you are a friend or something more, this is just to let you know that you're a good friend, and I am just spreading the love to all my awesome friends xD
from SammyBoy
Boo Lauzi
Jan 18, 10 4:20am

You've been stamped, aren't you a lucky girl. =]
Dark Brotherhood Lauzi
Oct 10, 09 5:20am

Cause you like Bleach

I think LOL

I hope that you like the stamp

The Champion Maniac Lauzi
Jul 28, 09 9:31am
My stamp messed up so here!the other stamp was a link...but instead,here!
STAMPED FOR REALSE!!! Seriously See ya around...
The Champion Maniac Lauzi
Jul 28, 09 9:24am
Lots of people say on their sigs that it's Credit to Lauzi! or something like that.
Just because i saw you do all that,I wanted to sign.My signature was made by Eridor just incase you thought you made one for me.
PM me if you want to be friends!
STAMPED!!! See ya around!
Samkuro Lauzi
Jul 25, 09 4:27am

Thankies for being a great neo friend
Dramon Knight Lauzi
Jul 02, 09 7:57pm
Lauzi, haven't signed in ages. D=

You're a great friend. Even though we don't talk much, I still consider you someone I've known for a long time. =D

Take care.
Halo Rules Lauzi
May 26, 09 5:04pm
Signing to say you are a really great friend and I appreciate it.

Don't ever change.

Dragoon Lauzi
May 19, 09 9:13pm

Get well soon brudda.

Oh, and thanks for the banner. ^^
Shiny Mew Lauzi
Apr 26, 09 11:30pm
You're a great friend and very kind.

King Chaz Lauzi
Apr 20, 09 12:51am
Hey Lauren, thanks for the awesome sig and being so great in the Canvas Clam.

From me =D

BadWolf Lauzi
Mar 16, 09 11:17pm
    Wow. 15, somehow I can't imagine you 15... Never matter. You are now an adolesent! Hope you had a good one and I wish you all the best in your studies and your career!

    From your fwend, Shayn. =P

    P.S. So I herd U Leik Honchcrowz?

Jazz Lauzi
Mar 16, 09 11:37am
    OMG, why didn't you tell me it was your birthday? D=
    Anyway, here, for you (couldn't be bothered to find a better image):

Zeta Lauzi
Mar 16, 09 4:20am
Ha, wasn't expecting a sign from me eh? :3

Anyways, even though we don't talk much anymore I still wish you the best birthday possible (ha, I remember your last birthday ). I hope you get to spend it with all of your loved ones and you get fun gifts.

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Your Friend, Zeta~

P.S. - We need to talk on MSN more.
Symphonic Abyss Lauzi
Mar 15, 09 11:01pm
Happy Birthday *insert name here*! Hope you are a good year as a *insert age here*-year-old. Well, yeah. I guess that's it.

*insert stamp here*

OSHI-*bleep*, I put in the Rough Draft.
Searle Lauzi
Mar 15, 09 8:10pm
Happy Birthday Lauzi :3 Have A Good One ^^

And I Maded You A Banner Coz, I You Is Awesome :3 It's Not That Good (I Still Suck At GIMP XD), But I Thought I'd Do It For You :3

Anyways, I'll Shut Up Now :3

Aether Lauzi
Mar 15, 09 7:36pm


BadWolf Lauzi
Feb 19, 09 5:59pm
OHI! I'ma stamping people with my new stamp. Just to say ummm... Hi... Filling up character length here. =D

Halo Rules Lauzi
Feb 18, 09 5:41pm
Hi there!

I bet you are wondering why on earth you would want me to post in your guestbook. Because you are angry face with me now. =(

But I posting to say that I'm still a good friend to you and if you would want that in return.

And I'm going to be on the forums a lot now. Canvas Clan for life. You know me. I will always be on Neoseeker.

From Xen/Ben/Halo/=)
Aether Lauzi
Feb 14, 09 6:23pm

    Have a fantastic day. <3 *Hugs*

    ~ * ♥ AetherLovesLauziSoMuch ♥ * ~
Boo Lauzi
Dec 25, 08 5:56am

Merry Christmas and have a great new year!
Lots of loves, hugs and chistmas glomps from Boo. x
Artirtico Lauzi
Dec 25, 08 1:50am

And to get you in the Christmas mood – the best Christmas song ever!

Samkuro Lauzi
Dec 24, 08 12:04am

From Samkuro