Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! You smell like a monkey and look like one to.


A sincere friend.
You need to come back! It's not the same anymore! Its just me and JAS keepin it real! Some noobies, but not enough vets to make them crawl at our feet in fear!
You, the elliminist and I seem to be the last survivors of the DDS forum, I hope you enjoy our discussions as much as I do. And yeah you are right flattery will get me far, but I consider what I said to be true, after all I'm neither smart or good with words.
Just remember you'll fear physical attackers some day...
Hope you like my stamp:
Thanks for signing me ol' guestbook. Intresting Crock post. If you read this signing, please tell me where you found that Crock post.

I said it before, and I'll say it now.

Happy Valentine's Day!

At least you know Matt Addison cares about you!

Spread the love.


.:Matt Addison:.
Don't worry, I'm an atheist as well. As Stephen Colbert once said, I worship my own sense of superiority.

Anyway, here's a good one: Happy New Year. I hope you made better New Year resolutions than I did.
Thanks for the man-girl flipping me off.

He'd be really popular in jail.

hey thanks for the info about sh. i'll sign ur guest book to show my appreciation, and hopefully u'll sign mine...
I would like your copy of RPG Maker 2. I sent you 2 PMs. So, I explained myself within those. So, I'm just making myself known. Thanks,
John DiBella

Have a great Valentine's day!

Psh, whats that about you becoming the new me? haha, you stamped my guestbook so I shall stamp yours. Oh and hey, a friend of mine found this....



"If all babies are pretty, why are there so many ugly people in the world?" - Sir Charles Barkley
Blah blah happy holidays, Laura. Have blah blah a safe New Years, stay away from drugs and alcohol blah blah kidneys blah hookers, ok? Blah blah Shadow Mandarb and me blah blah hookers and drugs, however.

Bleh, you weren't expecting some hearwarming picture of little ol' soulless me with a santa hat on or something, were you?
You signed mine, i sign yours. A true sign of our new friendship, sorry but i have no stamps.

Anyway thank you for your advice you give me to help make my poems sound better and read better.

Oh and also helping get pesky spammers off my back. Big thanks for everything you do for me.

Your friend
Weekend Warrior



Happy New Year
You make some decent points in the forums, and your one of the only people who don't use 'TXT TLK' in your sentences. I share your hate for Clancy!

Oh and your a girl, which counts for many things.

Sign me back...please.
Just signing to let you know you might be the most helpful person left on neo lol.
And one of the few that actually put thought into their post on the boards.
Keep it up!!!
Let's see here...hmm...

1) Intelligent wording and many good points
2) Likes Halo 2
3) Found me humorous at one point
4) Uses complete sentences with minimal gramatical errors
5) A chick

I would like to meet you in person, Laura J. Not really, but you get the point. I bet you're one smart, sexy...

For some reason, you remind me of Morgan Webb...maybe it's the avatar...

Anyways, good signing. I wish my stamp was good enough for your GB, but not seemingly, so you get this instead:

You're intelligent, you have a sense of humour, and you write the best stories. Not only that, you're as crazy about grunts as I am! For that, you deserve the biggest, gruntiest hug imaginable! I'll see you around the forums
Signing for a variety of reasons, each more irrelevant than the other.

  • First winner of the spontaneous quote thing that hopefully will last more than a week.

  • Because run on sentences rock...

  • Because yours is the first ACTUAL guestbook signing I got in a year

  • Because it's cold in my basement...

  • Because my youth is going down the toilet faster than an unwanted pregnancy on prom night...

  • Because I've been listening to the same song for hours

  • Because you knew a Robert Frost quote

  • Because I'm bored. Really bored and hungry.

  • Because I felt like making another list of irrelevant things

  • Because I want to add a few classic movie and E. E. Cumming quotes already...

  • And finally, because some guestbooks just need to be signed with my brilliance.

    Have a nice day.
  • man.gungrave is such a great anime.but in a way i heard the game was bad.well i guess can't judge till i play it.we should chat on aim sometime.even thought i don't know u.from what i read u seem better than any other girl in this age.and u like rpgs and anime.what more could a guy want?well whatever.later.

    Just stopping by after once again realizing Neo hosts guestbooks. Wanted to wish you a happy new year! Hope you have time off to relax and forget about all the pressures of every day life!

    Happy Holidays from Blackheartedwolf!
    um, soz. i just always wanted to say that. not like i would ever question your guestbook's mortality.

    *blinks* waht was i ging to say? o yep. i am attempting to sign the guestbook of every person who's been in the shadow hearts forum.

    there's tons off them! why do peeps say tha forum is dead?

    any way, sorry if i seem to be an annoying little necrophiliac with all the brains of a moronic goldfish. actually i know two goldfish and they're smarter than i am. but less hyperactive.

    um,, i'll stop spraffin now. byez.
    Thrice afore I have signed this infernal guestbook, and I finally have something important to say: I like your avatar.

    Or has it been twice?