Hae Hae!
You Love Dr.Who too!
David Tennant is sooo cute!
Mai Names Ash by tha wayz.
Massive Dr.Who && David Tennant Fan.

-- Ash xoxo

Nice messeage hen we sign your guestbook
Meh anyways i thought i'd better sign your GB

several things.


2: I'm signing it, can I please live now?


4: BANNERED due to my lack of a stamp

creds to TheViperX for that

i'll be on all this week at four, and probably next week too, I also have another game(on R4), here is the details (got a great team on it).
Darryl - 4210 5082 4244... speak then, also did you want crobat back?

.: Darryl :.
Umm i just thought i'd sign it seeing as no-one else has muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah *hiccup* *cough*lol*cough* Just filling the spaces umm i hope this is enough...
Hey LG! I have a special stamp for my best friend on neoseeker, and my NeoSis!

Sorry it's so big!

Its your turn now...


We'll see who'll be dying, XD
Your my newest neofriend plus the third ever person i've stamped from...Now!
Thanks for bein my friend latias gal!
im sorry that was my first time sighing a year book anyways add me please and i will tell you were to get cool latias pictures
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thanks for joining my rp and be my friend your a good friend we bearly talk but i feel we knew each other forever hope we start talking more
Hello....new friend!
I have 2 stamps for signing guestbooks with:



Sorry bout the stamp it isn't letting me use the old stamp but thanks alot anyway.
Tell me how you like this one, I made it myself!

[URL=http://img402.imageshack.us/my.php?image=44149627630873rv3.gif][/URL][url=http://www.lunapic.com/editor]Image Editing Made Easy[/url]
oh a gb ^^ how nice.

hey latias ;P

i didn't die, since i signed it, but that treath is still bothering me x_x

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Hi, Latias gal. I just stopped by to say thanks for signing my guestbook. It really does mean a lot to me. As a special surprise, I have, not one, not two, but three. Three special stamps for you.

That's my default stamp. My siggy uses this stamp.


This was a video stamp, only stamped two people with it. Counting you.


My newest stamp. Hey thanks for the stamp and signing earlier. It's totally stamp-tastic.


P.S. Let's be friends. Sign back, will you? Please.
Lol I'm out of school now how cool is that!?
Here a stamp that you will like:

luv boo!
Hey, I hope you like this stamp!

Hi, id just like 2 say hi, and thankies for signing my guestbook
Ur also joining The Myst nice decision
Well heres my mascot

C u around!

Hello! We should chat sometime

I luuvv chatting ;o
I get to sign your guestbook first! Thanks for being my friend! See u around the forums!

I <3 dragon pokemon!