Venusaur/lv 41/modest/3iv Poliwrath/lv 59/lonely/1iv Clawitzer/lv 37/quiet/1iv Golurk/lv 51/hardyhardy/1iv Gardevoir/lv 3

Happy Halloween!

In the process of breeding Charmander. Need a safari with Tropius for Solar power ability! Thanks.

finally found my password!

In desperate need of a Braviary for my X. Anyone got one?

Friday at last tomorrow Nicola _FC: 4

Poor Brazil omg

Looking for more codes and safaris. Codes? I have poison. Venomoth, whirlipede and seviper. Details are below! Adding

Can someone send me a Pokemon with flame body? Thanks. Need for breeding.

Will it ever stop raining? Hell no. Kyogre must be hanging around England right now.

Anyone willing to give me some maybe cloned shinies? Literally nothing to offer because first time playing but hey, gotta start somehow.. XD
Will be my 7th year on Neoseeker this year. Wow.

I'd love to restart my Black from the beginning, basically. So I'm asking if someone can keep a hold of my Pokemon w

Haha I'm back guys! Hiya
BOREDDDDDDDD!!!!!! u have a nice day now;)


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