Well, currently, I'm not doing much of well anything...Just overloading my brain with video game related thingamabobbers and losing brain cells because I use the internet.

Well, other than that, I plan on being a lawyer in the near future. Primarily because, money for screaming stuff. That's a good deal. If that doesn't work out well though I'm also thinking of going into Voice Acting.

And other than that I am THE World's Largest Rock, Largerock, current lord of all rocks. The past, and retired king is VolcanoBoulder, my father, who was brutally maimed by Chris Redfield.


A Gamer, a masochist of sorts when it comes to games.

Personally, I'm only really good at HnS's, Action RPG's and whatnot. Absolutely horrid at fighting games, though that may change in the future (strong emphasis on may. No really an excessively strong emphasis on it.)

I watch a bit of anime sure, though I only really prefer dark fantasy ones.

Sports wise, eh, not much going on for now.


Fly into the burning sky and ROLLING THUNDER RIDE!
Go into the stormy night I can't stop BURNING HEART!
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