DQ Maniac Lance Vance Dance
Oct 28, 04 9:54am
DQ Maniac Lance Vance Dance
Sep 27, 04 6:24pm
jespomo Lance Vance Dance
Sep 18, 04 5:35am
Yeah, what that says.
DQ Maniac Lance Vance Dance
Jul 05, 04 6:46pm
Hey, thanks for making me a banner, LVD! I fixed it up a little so that it could fit into my signature, hope you don't mind.

- Mike C.
jespomo Lance Vance Dance
Jun 09, 04 6:02pm
Citizen Lance Vance Dance.


Jespomoman, was looking at your neohome and noticed that my avatar was in your neohome.


Jespomoman, was wondering why and while i was here i decided to sign your guestbook.

Satokasu Suki Lance Vance Dance
May 26, 04 3:59am
Hiya LVD,

Welcome to the General Mario Brothers forum! You seem nice, except...looking at hentai is just wrong...

See you around the forums!

~ Satokasu Suki
UltimateSonic Lance Vance Dance
May 06, 04 2:26pm
I heard you are a big hentai fan.
Is that true?
Someone told me you always look at Hentai girls.
C'mon don't tell me that's true!
Anyway, i'll see ya around the toilet..--UH I mean forums!
DIE!--Oops i mean BYE!
Princess Lisa Lance Vance Dance
Apr 19, 04 2:31am
Hiya Lance Vance Dance just popping around and signing ppl guestbook!!!! how it going?? well.. cya!!
Sun Swint Lance Vance Dance
Jul 15, 03 12:17pm
Good job with the banners can I have one Just kidding I don't have one yet but I am having some body make one who is hopefully half as good as you, I don't see how you have time to yourselth with all the banners you making as it is but it must be what you like to do so keep up at it.
Kudzuka Lance Vance Dance
Mar 31, 03 1:07am
Thank you Lance Vance Dance for making my piccolo bannner. It looks very cool. I hope you will send the clearer version soon. I have signed your guestbook because you asked me.(even though I was going to sign it anyway). Seya around the forums.
OniMusha Blade Lance Vance Dance
Mar 27, 03 10:28pm
Hi LVD!When you can make that DBZ Banner?I know it takes a while but you said you can make it so soon you can...So can you make it or not?

Greetings...OniMusha Blade
soraskingdom Lance Vance Dance
Mar 26, 03 3:21am
here ya go i signed your guestbook because i realy want a banner so you got to do you said in your sig if i signed it you would make me one p.s please sign mine to
chango Lance Vance Dance
Mar 24, 03 1:55am
Hey good work with all of your graphic creations...keep it up!
dRagoN_pRinCe Lance Vance Dance
Mar 24, 03 1:19am
you still haven't made any of my banners that I Pmed you for.Anyway I understand if they were too big.Can you make banners for me anyway.
Teppic Lance Vance Dance
Mar 23, 03 6:53pm
Hey LVD. I've seen you around the Vice City and G & A Forum, and you're a pretty good poster. Great with the old graphics, too.

Anyway, I'll see you about, and keep making those great banners!
P.S. Sign mine
ChozenMaster Lance Vance Dance
Mar 23, 03 9:45am
Hey Lance Vance Dance. I've seen you around the Kingdom Hearts forum and in the banner request thread. I envy your work as a banner maker because I make banners to, so I decided to sign your guestbook. Could you give me some tips on banner making, or you could just sign my guestbook.
Thanquol Lance Vance Dance
Mar 17, 03 12:49am
Hey, thanks for the banner. I'm signing to basically thank you for services to the banner community.

Oh, I need 125 Characters dont I. I think this should do it (as in this last sentence)
BigBalla118 Lance Vance Dance
Mar 16, 03 9:50pm
Whats up LVD, well I am signing it because you asked me too and you have made some great banners. Keep it up, cause you are getting better with every graphic!
How ya doing? You are one fine banner maker;)

Keep it up... and I'll say that you make some very nice contributions to the forums. Don't quit man. You aren't no spamma, no flama, so you're alright.

Neoseeker! (Damn 125 character thing)
Gamer420 Lance Vance Dance
Mar 09, 03 11:53pm
Thanks for my Banner dude! You and childsplay so far are the best banner makeers in my list! Anyways peace out my man 125 characters..........>_<..............>_<............
childsplay Lance Vance Dance
Mar 09, 03 2:51am
hi, you asked me to sign your guestbook in a thread so i am, your banners are good. I myself dont like lance vance dance (in GTA) because he's a wanker. anyway have fun making banners and make sure you sign my guestbook.
JumBee Lance Vance Dance
Feb 23, 03 10:54am
How ya doing? Great job in the Vice City Banners thread of mine!

Im glad you have taken a interest in it and helped out here 'an there!

Well, keep it up and stay out of trouble!

- JumBee... Peace...