I absolutly love your artwork that you do. I try to re-invent my characters but they don't come out as I would imagine them in my head. I love all your really good drawings.
I remember I used to see you in the dragon ball forum here is my stamp
Whishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Hey LanDi Sama! Heres a stamp by the almighty prince!

Take care!
I used to be a little boy
So old in my shoes
And what I choose is my choice
What's a boy supposed to do?

Merry Christmas to you. And a Happy New Year as well I guess. If you must.
Hey there, it may be a bit early but, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

All the best in 2008 !
Not many people know this about Neoseeker but...

One woman here is Queen.
Camilla is her name.
So beautiful, her charm.
Even Sephy, she did tame.

Of all the three little pigs,
Cammy is on top.
And even when she goes to bed...
...she is still on top.

So sexy, you will...
I forgot the rest.

Oh, and here is a present ^^:

Only 4 more days... >_>

Not that I'm not enjoying myself...

*Landi has no idea what's going on, and that's okay*

Thanks for being a Great mod , hope you stick around the forums

drop us a PM sometime
It's WireFrame's Stamping Rampage! Mama-mia!
I decided to sign your GB, simply because you have a rockin' awesome banner. Seriously, the gay DBZ thing... I LoL'd.

I'd give you a thumbs up, but I've only got the horns, so I guess that'll have to do.

Signed by the world's mightiest gamer.

Stamped. Muhahaha. Enjoy... this... I guess? And OMG it's not Gaara related XD.

January 21st, 2007 - I am so happy! Today I was won by the most wonderful person on Earth! Who is that you might ask? Like I need to tell you! Obviously it's Deathman48. At the last second he swooped in and saved me from the evil clutches of SummonerSupreme. I was even the second most expensive slave in the entire auction! I'm so excited and I can't wait to carry out his every bidding. ♥

January 22nd, 2007 - This marks the second day of being a slave to the wonderful Deathy, and I must say that I couldn't be happier! I look forward to coming online every day and doing what he says. Today Deathy had an exam which was really stressful. I hope that he feels better now and did a good job! No matter what happens I will be here for him though, because I love him as a master that much.

January 23rd, 2007 - I am very sad today. I realized that my week of slavery is already almost half way over. The thought upsets my greatly but I am kept happy by the thought of the Superhero Supermods and their massive bulges (Deathy's in particular! *BLUSHBLUSH*). Besides, I still have four more wonderful days left to spend with my master.

January 24th, 2007 - Today was a lot of fun. I went to the Historical Museum and got to play with Mr. Cannon for a bit. Thanks so much for taking me Deathy. There are only a few more days of slavery left... I'm very exci - upset. Terribly terribly upset! Please let time slow down so I can squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of this!

January 25th, 2007 - Today my master told me that this entry should be about my favourite song! I like a lot of songs but my favourite would have to be Angelic Blue by D. They are pretty obscure and it's difficult to find much in English on them. Because of this when I first began researching them I thought that they were a diffrerent band entirely (L'Arc~en~Ciel). Eventually I figured out who they were though. This song has very nice vocals and is very pleasant to listen to overall.

January 26th, 2007 - Today's journal entry is about pizza, and how it is so much better than pie (thanks for the idea master ♥ ). First of all, pizza is a lot tastier than pie. Pizza is especially tasty if it has the special sause that Deathman48 makes. Now let's go over the reason behind pie being so lame. Pie is small (but sometimes people try and make it look big). Pie is just not as delicious as pizza with special topping. And pie just isn't that interesting, even if people take pictures of it at many different angles. That concludes today's entry.

January 27th, 2007 - I was very ill today so Deathy let me take time off from slavery to sleep. He's so kind and thoughtful!

January 28th, 2007 - This is my last day of being Deathy's slave. Overall I really enjoyed myself. He made the whole experience fun and I've never had a better master. Thanks for making this week awesome!

hey just signing QuestBooks here anyway i've seen you around alot so i friggered that i should sign your Questbook
well hope to see you around some more in the forums later

Every time I take my clothes off and am about to take a shower, I first look at myself in the mirror. Why? Well, it's because ... I like shirtless, pantless, naked, nakedLESS (Oh yeeeaah =D), and boxerless guys. Why do I like them? Well, wooooooosh (flashback) : "Whoa, look at that girl that's wearing only a bathing suit!" Carl said. YoshiStar did not look at the girl. "Whoa, look at that guy that's wearing only nothing!" Jessica said. YoshiStar looked at the guy, started drooling, and pounced on him. wooooooosh (End of flashback). So, you see, it wasn't my fault all of this happened. It was the guy's fault for being where he was, and Jessica's fault, for pointing him out. The only cool girl out there is Den. She's the best master anyone could ever have. Better than all the shirtless boys I've seen combined.

Oh! Time for another flashback! Wooooooosh (flashback) : "Man, I don't wanna to sign Den's guestbook!" Carl cried. YoshiStar walked up to Carl, gripped his hands around Carl's neck, and ripped his nails through his neck Wooooooosh (End of flashback), and another flashback, after Carl was reincarnated L Woooooosh (Flashback): "Man, I'm gonna sign your guestbook, YoshiStar!" Carl called out. YoshiStar walked up to Carl, gripped his hands around Carl's neck, and ripped his nails through his neck Wooooooosh (End of flashback).


PLZ... SIGN... Mistress DenDen's Gbook and not YoshiStar's one.

I <3 Aya Chan! She is the greatest mistress ever! She lets me express my love of yaio! Thank you Mistress!

I need to tell you that my mistress, the smart, kind, gracious, beautiful, sexy and plain HAWT Aya Chan is the is most awesome person in whole universe! She is my god I wish I could serve her forever and ever and ever!

Did you buy a slave recently? Here's a return stamp!


I kiss you on the cheek,
"Goodnight, my love," I say.
You turn to me and smile,
"A baby's on the way".

And then you drift asleep,
To dream of life anew.
And I lie wondering,
Just what I should do.

I could kick you in the stomach,
and catch you unawares.
I could swear to god you accidentally
Fell that flight of stairs.

When I tell you that I love you,
I will look you in the eye,
As I slowly slide the hanger up your thigh.

Vengeance is mine.
I love Lindsey very very much! Do you love her? I think that Sakura is the best member of Neoseeker ever. It is such a pretty name too: Sakura. Soooo pretty. Just Like Lindsey. She is very pretty and I love her very much. Will you please sign her guestbook? She will love you forever, just like she loves me.

Sakura makes me so happy. You should get to know her. She is amazing. She is also a wonderful, beautiful Princess. <3

Lindsey's Jester

I just wanted to wish you a merry Chirstmas and off course a happy new year

Guess I will be seeing you in the forums next year.

I just realized I haven't stamped you yet!

So there! x3 Nyah!
My first actual stamp in about 500 years! So I think I'll use it on you first LanDi. El Stampio!
Yesh, Wrath is indeed sad its because Kimbley wasn't in the Movie... ;____;

ph34r my L hair and its intoxicating chemicals wowzers...

~Enth (OMG ME!)~