Last 10 Threads started by LanDi Sama
Dragon Ball Super simulcast? 3 Jul 05, 2015
The Kickstarter 0 Jun 17, 2015
Welcome! 7 Jun 17, 2015
Spring 2015 Trailer - with subs! 1 Apr 03, 2015
Drawing games/apps for the 3DS? 2 Jan 30, 2015
Official Announcement Trailer! 0 Nov 06, 2014
[v2.3.0] Error message when adding new Game Profile submission 7 Nov 02, 2014
Finally, a letter! 1 Oct 31, 2014
Additional reason option for fanart removals - Artist's Request 1 Oct 24, 2014
Can divorced parents still receive letters from their children? 2 Oct 11, 2014
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New Teaser 2 Jul 17, 2015
tomdachi life 1 Jun 27, 2015
E3 2015 Trailer 2 Jun 21, 2015
Did we think think it would ever happen? 9 Jun 19, 2015
Which scene are you looking forward to the most? 5 Jun 19, 2015
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